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Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64

More than 20 years after its original release, a new secret of sorts has been found in Donkey Kong 64. Fans have discovered a hidden developer code that, when the player goes through a series of inputs, allows entry into a level with a lower than normal amount of Golden Bananas.

Twitter user tjballaam originally passed along the news. The Cutting Room Floor offers further insight, including the code itself:

Donkey Kong is able to use the Coconut Cannon – otherwise known as the coconut gun – in Donkey Kong 64. However, Rare initially had a completely different weapon mind. Originally, Donkey Kong was intended to use a realistic shotgun.

During an interview with GamesRadar, creative director George Andreas spoke about showing off the gun to Shigeru Miyamoto, late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, and former Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln. It turns out that Miyamoto was horrified but what he saw. In its place, he felt that the coconut gun would be a much better fit for the game. Rare ended up adopting that idea for the final release.

Donkey Kong 64 has been around for nearly two decades. Nintendo published the 3D platformer way back on November 22, 1999. 17 years later, a new secret has been found within the game.

Speedrunner Isotarge discovered a new coin in Fungi Forest. Previously, it went undetected in tall grass. Players can obtain rainbow coins once a slam attack is performed on dirt piles, but Isotarge came across a new pile in Fungi Forest.

As Kotaku explains:

“Isotarge first noticed something was amiss after looking at how the game formats its save data. They were looking at the flags in Fungi Forest and noticing that the information for the rainbow coin was incomplete. They used analysis tools to shoot right to the dirt patch and discover the coin.”

So Donkey Kong 64 doesn’t have 976 coins to collect as once though. Instead, there are actually 977 coins in the game.


The fun is finally over: All of our podcast crewmembers are now separated and doing the podcast remotely over Skype, which means a return to a more “normal” show for you.

Chapters today:

Opening Shenanigans

00:35 – Greetings
02:18 – Nature Valley bars are waaaay too crumbly.
06:15 – Picture of the Day
07:00 – Game of the Week: Alleyway!

What We Played

11:37 – Austin has an inkling to be a squid. (Splatoon)
29:27 – Jack goes bananas and murders someone. (Donkey Kong 64)
37:27 – Laura burns herself at the stake. (Layton vs. Phoenix Wright)
40:14 – Layton vs. Wright spoiler skip point.

Secondary Shenanigans

46:55 – Question of the Week – Playing games alone or with friends?
48:18 – Freetures
50:00 – Fun facts! Nindie Bundle + Splatoon music.
51:38 – Splatoon music break.

Listener Questions Mail

53:18 – Expectations, evangelism, and egregious behavior.
1:01:28 – Random questions for Austin
1:05:00 – The evolution of boss designs from unary state to binary state. (new terminology alert!!)
1:13:24 – Splatoon solving shooter stealth problems.

Ending Shenanigans

1:16:32 – Why we acted so weird
1:17:43 – Alleyway Quiz and Goodbyes

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Nintendo prepared a North American trailer for Donkey Kong 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console. You can watch it below.

Donkey Kong 64 has launched on the North American Wii U eShop today. We’ll throw one last reminder your way with 20 more minutes of footage!

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