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Hollow Knight update out now (version

Posted on October 2, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight’s latest update has gone live on Switch. Team Cherry has issued version, which features a number of fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Voidheart’ menu style now available
  • Fixed an issue where game could become slower over a game session for some players
  • Fixed issue where Enraged Guardian gates don’t open if Crystal Guardian was defeated in Godhome
  • Little weaver corpse: Audio now obeys volume controls
  • Godseeker dialogue after radiance statue no longer plays in Godseeker mode
  • HP reduced for Ascended/Radiant Collector’s spawned enemies
  • Leg Eater Discount now working correctly
  • Nail arts now affected by bindings in Godhome
  • Fixed issue where Dung Defender’s balls got stuck in corner
  • Fixed an issue where Hornet Sentinel could get stuck in wall during Godhome battle
  • Fixed issue where defeating Failed Champion or Lost Kin in Godhome also counted as defeating them in Hallownest, missing achievement (if achievement was missed previously it should now be awarded when player next rests at a bench)
  • Added extra check to keep Pantheon of the Master bosses out of the ground
  • Fixed issue with GM’s final boss where attack would telegraph in wrong position
  • Improved visibility of one of that boss’s attacks
  • Fixed issue where completing Trial of the Fool did not unlock God Tamer’s statue in Hall of Gods
  • Fixed file select screen display issue
  • Godmaster boss ‘PV’ gets stunned more frequently
  • Lifeblood Cocoons in Godhome produce more Lifeseeds
  • Trial of the Fool is no longer a requirement for accessing Pantheon of the Sage
  • Reduced HP of Godmaster’s final battle
  • Reduced Markoth’s HP in Godmaster battles
  • Several changes to Uumuu’s Godmaster incarnation
  • Fixed issue where Hornet Sentinel could get stuck in corner of her Godhome arena
  • Fixed issue in final battle of Godmaster where a respawn could place player in the wrong location, ruining the battle
  • Fixed issue where nail arts could lose their ability to damage enemies
  • Fixed issue where a mechanism could be struck while it was retracted into the ground in Godhome
  • Fixed issue where players could use Dreamgate to warp out of ending sequence and bust the game
  • Fixed timer display issues for main game and Godmaster pantheons
  • Fixed Moss Charger’s rustling grass not appearing
  • In Mantis Village, disallowed enemies from approaching the Mantis Claw item to prevent possible softlock
  • Game text fixes


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