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Hot Wheels Unleashed reveals SpongeBob season

Posted on January 20, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

hot wheels unleashed spongebob

Mattel and Milestone have unveiled a new SpongeBob SquarePants season for Hot Wheels Unleashed, and the fun starts today.

The event includes a variety of free and premium content. There are six vehicles up for grabs, including ones for SpongeBob, Sandy, Squidward, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick Star, along with Basement and Player Profile customization items and more. Players can also participate in different challenges.

We have a trailer showing off the SpongeBob season for Hot Wheels Unleashed below.

The last season for Hot Wheels Unleashed was based on DC Super-Villains. That one also included six special vehicles (Bane, The Cheetah, Poison Ivy, Black Manta, Deathstroke, and Harley Quinn), customization items, and gears and coins for all players. It just wrapped up on January 18.

Hot Wheels Unleashed previously announced partnerships with a ton of different IPs, including Barbie, DC, Masters of the Universe, Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and OEMs like Aston Martin, BMW and McLaren and many others. 

Players can participate in the SpongeBob SquarePants season for Hot Wheels Unleashed until March 29, 2022.

Hot Wheels Unleashed arrived on Switch at the very end of September. You can read our review of the Switch version here.

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