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How The Alliance Alive separates itself from The Legend of Legacy

Posted on May 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

The Alliance Alive is FuRyu’s next 3DS RPG following The Legend of Legacy. In this week’s Famitsu, it’s explained how the two games differ.

World Setting

In The Legend of Legacy, the game takes place entirely on one island named Avalon, which only has one city known as Initium. Dungeons are scattered all over the island, and the objective is to find relics of the gods.

However, with The Alliance Alive, an entire human world is split into numerous zones, each of which has unique developments with the demon clan ruling over humans. When the nine protagonists from the separated zones gather, it will mark the beginning of an adventure to unveil the world’s hidden mystery.

Battle System

The Legend of Legacy features the double dimension battle system where spirits in the field can be made into allies and provide advantages. The party can have up to three active characters and the battle uses positioning such as attack and guard positions.

With The Alliance Alive, the party can consist of up to five active characters with set formations. Characters can use eight weapon types and two magic types. They can learn new techniques and raise stats based on their movements in battles.

Gameplay System

The Legend of Legacy starts off with a blank map of the island. Players then fill the map by exploring fields and dungeons. The finished maps can be sold for game-balancing effects such as reducing enemy encounter rate.

The Alliance Alive features a telegraph system that connects the separated worlds. By further developing the Guild Towers located on fields, they will give rewards such as allowing for the development of new weapons and changing enemy encounter rates.


Players unlock new areas in The Legend of Legacy by discovering shortcuts or receiving maps from other adventurers. The entire world map is shown on screen with icons, which will allow access to the areas if tapped.

The Alliance Alive has players walking right on the world map and going to areas by actually visiting them. They can also use rides to reach areas that couldn’t be accessed by walking. After obtaining the ark Brionac, the player can pass through the Black Current to go to other worlds.

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