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Battle Spirits CrossOver

FuRyu made its latest announcement for Switch today, announcing Battle Spirits CrossOver. Japan will be getting the game on Novmember 7, 2024.

Battle Spirits CrossOver is a digital card game based on the same rules of the main game. It’ll come with over 1,900 cards, up to the cards from the “BS68 Contract Saga: True Volume 1 – Battle of the Gods” set. Also available are customization features such as sleeves and play sheets.

Reynatis NEO The World Ends with You

May 9: FuRyu has revealed a special collaboration for Reynatis featuring NEO: The World Ends with You.

In the upcoming RPG, players will be able to experience a new story featuring Shoka Sakurane and others. Characters, locations, and enemies from the game will be included. This will be available via a side-quest.

Here’s a trailer showing off the collaboration:

Beyblade X: XONE

Today, FuRyu unveiled announced Beyblade X: XONE, a “Beyblade action” title for Switch. A release is planned for November 14, 2024 in Japan.

Just like the top toy game, Beyblade X: XONE has players fighting and customizing Beyblades. A single-player mode is included with a new story and original characters, but online battles will now be supported. Stadiums contain the “X Lines” from the Beyblade X anime series, and are the battlefield of action-oriented Beyblade battles that utilize the “X Dash” mechanic and a game-original “Active Gauge.”

Reynatis English west

February 26: Reynatis, which was just announced for Switch during last week’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, has now been confirmed for English release in the west. The title launches in Fall 2024.

As a reminder, Reynatis is a juvenile action RPG. FuRyu is publishing in Japan while Natsume Atari is handling development.

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered gameplay

Lots of gameplay has come through for The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered. After its initial 3DS appearance, NIS America brought the RPG to Switch in the west this week.

Here’s a rundown outlining what to expect:

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered launch trailer

To celebrate the arrival of The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered, NIS America readied a launch trailer. Fans can get another look at the updated 3DS RPG.

Learn more about it in the following overview:


February 21: During today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, FuRyu announced Reynatis. The game heads to Switch in Japan on July 25, 2024.

Natsume Atari is handling development of Reynatis, a juvenile action RPG. Here’s a bit of additional information:

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered release date

Courtesy of NIS America, we now have a release date for The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered. The updated 3DS RPG is slated for March 22, 2024 in both North America and Europe.

We originally heard about The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered in September. NIS America said at the time that it would be available in early 2024.

Crymachina gameplay

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Crymachina gameplay

A ton of gameplay has been released for Crymachina, and we have an hour of footage in total. This gives us a look at the final build of the western version.

You can find more information about the game in the following overview:

Crymachina launch trailer

With Crymachina starting to launch in the west, a new launch trailer is available. Crymachina. This should be the final video for the FuRyu RPG.

You can find additional information about it in the following overview:

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