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How to get to Fae Acres in Fae Farm

Posted on September 15, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

fae farm how to get to fae acres

One of the more significant aspects of Fae Farm is the Fae Acres location, and we’ll explain how you can get it in our latest guide.

Farming and crafting are two key gameplay aspects of Fae Farm, and you’re not limited to just one home: shortly after completing Saltwater Mines you’ll get access to a second Homestead right above your first one. Once you clear the second dungeon, Floating Ruins, you’ll gain access to another home, the Fae Acres.

Completing Sour but Sweet

fae farm how to get to fae acres

Your first step to accessing Fae Acres is to complete “The End of the Ruins” main quest, which requires you to get to the bottom of the Floating Ruins. Once there you’ll meet Boletal, who like Neppy, will help you in exchange for a few items. He’ll give you the quest “Sour but Sweet” and ask for the following items:

3 Fae Dust, acquired by putting Myst Fairy and Sun Sprite critters in a Fae Critter Conservatory. You’ll need to upgrade your Critter Catching Net to a Sturdy Critter Net to be able to catch them.
15 Clover Feed, which you’ll find growing in the Fae Realm. You’ll need to upgrade your Sickle to an Iron Sickle to be able to gather.
5 Spore Essence, which you can make at a Potion Crafting Station using 4 Sporeweed found in the Floating Ruins.
10 Violet Jellycaps, which you can pick up in the Fae Realm.
5 Polished Emerald, which you can craft using 10 Rough Emerald with a Gem Polisher. You can mine Rough Emerald in the Floating Ruins.

Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll be given the Faerie Fire spell, and the residents will return to the Fae Realm. But more importantly, you’ll now be able to access the Fae Acres.

Getting to Fae Acres

fae farm how to get to fae acres

As far as how to get to Fae Acres specifically in Fae Farm, your new home-away-from-home, head to the right side of the Elven Village, towards a gap you couldn’t previously quite cross even with your double jump. Pull out your staff and select Faerie Fire, the new spell you earned for completing Sour but Sweet. This will activate the bridge to Fae Acres.

fae farm how to get to fae acres

As well as a new house for you to customize and a storage shed linked to your other two, you’ll also be able to find Cloudtop Bolete, Clover Feed, Violet Jellycaps, and Sporewood Logs across the land at Fae Acres. It also has access to a river where you’ll be able to catch Fae Realm fish, and Fae Realm critters will fly around your new homestead too, so you’ll have almost every resource the Fae Realm has to offer at your disposal.

If you want to get back to Fae Acres quickly, you should activate the Waypoint in the bottom corner, which needs a Rose Quartz seal. This can be crafted with 5 Copper Ore, 5 Iron Ore, and 15 Rough Rose Quartz. You can find Rough Rose Quartz in the Floating Ruins if you haven’t already, and should have plenty of Copper Ore and Iron Ore from your time in Saltwater Mines.

From this point on you should be good to continue your adventure in Azoria and accept requests from the Fae Realm from a closer vantage point, and will be able to gather several new varieties of materials!

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