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Hypercharge: Unboxed is receiving its biggest update yet on Switch next week

Posted on September 26, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

hypercharge unboxed update

A massive update is inbound for Digital Cybercherries’ Switch shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed, which will put the game at version 0.1.2341.233. It contains a ton of free content, fixes, and improvements based on player feedback. Among the highlights include new enemies, weapons, maps, attachments, updated plague mode, vastly improved player movement, and performance/balance improvements.

Below are the full patch notes for the Hypercharge: Unboxed version 0.1.2341.233 update:


Added new DLC Characters Mightus and Breaker.
Added new Play Menu layout to improve game functionality and consistency between game modes.
Added new enemy type NinjaJoe.
Added new enemy type Tiny Trotters.
Added new enemy type Drone.
Added new enemy type Space Men.
Added new boss enemy type bRoBot.
Added new weapon Freeze Ray.
Added new weapon Plasma Cannon.
Added new unlockable Nebulon character on Shed map.
Added new Stat-Based unlocks for new Nebulon character skins.
Added new secret Bobble heads in various maps for Nebulon heads.
Added new Radar weapon attachment to help get a sense of incoming danger.
Added new Multiplayer Map The Lost Aisle – The tutorial level has now been reworked and expanded for use in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Plague.
Added new Cooperative and Multiplayer map Shed of the Dead – The claustrophobic level from part of the new bonus level series we’re building.
Added HYPERCORE Shield Effect (Can now see if the shield is active)
Added 2 new Cyberfury heads “Samuri” and “PsyClone”
Added 2 new Insectoid heads “Charlotte” and “Squirm”
Added 2 new Cyberfury skins “Dungeons” and “The King”
Added 2 new Insectoid skins “Jacket” and “Ritual”
Added new Music Track for Shed map.
Added local multiplayer options to the singleplayer menu, so you can play PvP against bots.
Added missing GameRules for customising Weapons and Attachments in Multiplayer.
Added more feedback particles to enemies and varius game events.
Added menu option for players who only want the Radar on the HUD and not physical
Added Namepack icons and unlock page to better represent what packs are collected.
Added new name stickers end of round UI element to replace text version.
Added Boss’ health bar to the top of the screen when fighting a particular boss enemy.
Added new icons to the Play menu that better represent their function.
Added new VFX to weapons and enemies.
Added new VFX to the enemy-breaking system. Springs, screws and sounds are emitted when enemies (even destroyed ones) break apart when damaged.
Added crosshair-scale option to the menu for players who wish to change the scale of the crosshair elements for different resolutions.
Added icon for ‘bonus’ maps in map selection that can’t have buildables constructed.
Added many improved footstep SFX materials to the environments. (Keyboard in the first level, for example)
Added new menu garden map.
Added change Camera prompt to Tutorial – automatically changes camera to demonstrate.
Added listing the number of bots in a server.
Added menu background darkness to help readability on sub-menus.
Added new menu game-mode sound FX to separate each game mode.
Added HUD message if the player has not sprinted in a while.


Vastly improved player movement responsiveness. This includes reduced motion sickness for some players and better air control to feel much less sluggish when jumping.
Improved gameplay for KidsBedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Garage, Kitchen
Improved gameplay for Plague game mode to now be zone-based instead of ‘who can find the best camp spot’
Improved pathfinding and navigation jump areas in many levels to improve bots and new enemies.
Improved ArmyMen enemies with fun new character identifier sound.
Improved performance of many background tasks that the game runs, to help reduce stutters.
Improved performance of many VFX in the game without affecting visual quality.
Improved performance of the VFX system by doing more aggressive pre-culling of quick-offscreen particles.
Improved performance of animations of off-screen players and NPCs.
Improved Chopper SFX when idle and fixed the bomb trail cleanup.
Improved Lightmap optimization in multiple levels to decrease load times.
Improved Bot pathfinding and decision making in some areas.
Improved UI flow by moving the Max Bots option to the Game Rules menu.
Improved Difficulty icons.
Improved tutorial loading screen image and map preview image.
Improved animation system by using better animation compression settings on various complex animation assets.
Improved server browser layout to show more servers.
Improved menu focus functionality and snappiness of animations.
Improved Thirdperson to Firstperson camera change, keeps rotation relative to last aiming target.
Improved overall loading system of the game, results in much faster load times, less stuttering and overall better memory usage.
Improved many NPCs’ AI and Animation performance.
Improved gameplay on all levels, including new weapons and NPCs in base levels.
Improved bot navigation on all levels.
Improved wave balance in earlier waves to have better pacing on all maps with Bots.
Improved PvP spawnpoints in a number of levels.
Improved reload and firing animations for players in third person.
Improved Garden pond rocks for AI navigation.
Improved performance in several areas related to texture resource usage.
Improved performance of zombie blood FX and brick-break FX.
Improved Attic and Toy Palace lighting.
Improved Airhockey Shuffle and Shed of the Dead should now have more time between waves.
Optimised dust particles on a few maps to improve performance.


Fixed a Null Texture crash involving the Ice Gun.
Fixed a rare crash relating to some UI components.
Fixed an errant statically spawned battery from Operation Alley.
Fixed SimpleAI controllers binding to expensive pathfinding event calls with the potential to crash on cleanup of enemies like Tanks.
Fixed potential crash in Garden with bots trying to pick up collectibles.
Fixed crash issue related to enemy ragdolls.
Fixed meatbag physics crash issues when travelling to the lobby.
Fixed flashlight attachment not updating if socket has changed.
Fixed crashing issue related to pickup cleanup.
Fixed crash related to small tanks falling out of the world and being destroyed.
Fixes for BroBot and Ninja pathfinding.
Fixed some game stats not being cleared out for bots when changing levels.
Fixed lots of reported player-stuck areas in many levels.
Fixed lots of pathfinding issues and areas where bots became trapped.
Fixed bots using Prize Machine too much on some levels.
Fixed bots disappearing in Plague mode.
Fixed flashlight attachment not updating if socket has changed.
Fixed soldiers missing weapons and/or improperly firing.
Fixed break particles and breaking system bugs for experiments and Meanbots.
Fixed glitch with players’ first person weapon sometimes being invisible.
Fixed dead cores sometimes counting incorrectly for stat tracking.
Fixed missing footstep sounds on Soldiers and Experiments.
Fixed muzzle-flash angle on Grenade launcher and Minigun.
Fixed missing Point of Interest locations on maps so bots want to travel to new areas more often.
Fixed missing move-target points so that some AI can better navigate some areas.
Fixed camera shake and animations happening to Spectators or EndOfRound cameras.
Fixed falling radial blur FX affecting the Weapon and Player.
Fixed broken tutorial achievement.
Fixed certain sounds happening after enemies are dissolved or frozen.
Fixed power node particles not clearing up properly after battery insert.
Fixed Radar, Build Cards and FirstPerson weapon offset when playing in different split-screen modes.
Fixed TryMe button being able to be activated on locked stat pages when using a controller.
Fixed bots stealing certain pickups if players are too nearby.
Fixed bots teleporting randomly back to the spawn area in Airhockey Shuffle.
Fixed potential crash related to generating a suitable spawn point in PvP.
Fixed chopper getting too many perfect headshots on players.
Fixed matchmaking errors dialogs not returning focus for players using controllers.
Fixed it so that when a Boss enemy is killed, the kill-stat is given to all players in the game.
Fixed Shed not having Bonus Map text in its description. (No buildables allowed, similar to AirHockey Shuffle)
Fixed missing physical material FX on certain meshes in the world.
Fixed hard Meanbots spawning on levels in lower difficulties.
Fixed issues with plague timers and logic when lots of network players join at once.
Fixed Lawnmower collision and associated nav proxies on Garden, Garage, and Shed
Fixed collision issues with experiments.
Fixed decals and VFX being created after the game has ended.
Fixed HUD indicators being on-screen during death and scoreboard.
Fixed tutorial, missing props and broken lighting.
Fixed tutorial localization issues.
Fixed Map Selection screen showing incorrect text/icons for Charger and Slot machine.
Fixed incorrect UI bind button when being told how to build.
Fixed collectable and secret power node location in Tutorial.
Fixed ‘A’ Key being displayed for Walk Forward in tutorial.
Fixed missing pickup event function that could result in a double-battery pickup.
Fixed server List not listing servers by player count.
Fixed lobby showing incorrect server player counts.
Fixed cargo plane diorama missing frame holder meshes.
Fixed stuck spots in shed and broken collision boundaries.
Changed Singleplayer to Offline in non-coop modes.
Disabled weapon choice in online Plague servers.
Fixed gliderplanes being able to have their AI disabled on damage.
Fixed players getting hit markers for enemies that died later than their last damage.
Fixed impact particles blinding the players’ view.
Fixed server list using full players count to give incorrect server version.
Fixed missing materials in first level.
Fixed Demolisher getting stuck in the Garden and Kitchen levels.
Fixed missing Shed powernode cables on some levels.
Fixed some formatting issues at the end of round UI.
Fixed PvP ranks going black at end of the round.
Fixed Meanbot pathing on Tutorial map.
Fixed Dust particle not being removed on Low/Med.
Fixed lighting issues when running the game on Low in Kitchen and Garden.
Fixed UFO blast and collision physics.
Fixed ArmyMan parachute issues.
Fixed Tanks not turning properly sometimes.
Fixed Chungus animations and missing morph targets on Switch.
Fixed UFO bullet impact damage events.
Fixed LODs for ArmyMen and Soldiers dioramas.
Fixed holes in the wall in Airhockey_Shuffle.
Fixed airhockey pathing to try help bots not fall off the edge as much.
Fixed turning wobble in low FPS situations.
Fixed not being able to build on Turret Bases when in a server.
Fixed ghost buildable outline bug after a turret is destroyed bu the build tool
Fixed invisible jump-vents on Kitchenn map when in a server.
Fixed DK mode cheat not working anymore.
Fixed new cheat code not working on some difficulties.
Fixed some UI spelling mistakes and escaped quotes.
Fixed lighting in Kitchen, Garden and Garage when shadow setting is on low (no more glowing actors)
Fixed pathfinding issues on Attic, Operation Alley, Garden and Tutorial.
Fixed jeeps getting stuck in the Garden bin.
Bots navigate around cores and traps slighty better.
Fixed floating grass in Garden map.
Fixed flickering tree in Garden map.
Removed a few local player effects that should not be emitted from Bots.
Fixed jump-pad paths and coins on a few levels.
Fixed it so Bots try not to build and repair at dead cores.
Fixed some attachments and particles not showing when in Third Person properly.
Fixed Claw attachment in Plague mode.
Fixed Bots not being able to take batteries from the Charger.
Fixed bots sometimes not being removed from the game when a player joins. Now they leave behind their weapons and credits.
Fixed rare crash bug related to the UFO shield shader being invalid on some GPUs.
Fixed invincible chopper bug finally…
Fixed Bot scores not being transferred over rounds in Plague.
Fixed weapon sometimes swapping to the previously dropped weapon.
Fixed zombies sometimes being too far away to hit.
Fixed zombies not hitting some actor buildables types.
Fixed footstep particle system creating particles if the parent mesh is not visible.
Fixed bots sticking around in a server when a player leaves.
Fixed players using expensive camera checks when not the local player.
Added interpolated movement to Tanks, Big Tanks and UFOs to fix networking snappiness in online games.

And much, more more!

We have a closer look at what’s new in the upcoming Hypercharge Unboxed update below.

The new update for Hypercharge Unboxed goes live for Switch on September 28. Learn more about the game on the official site here.

Source: Digital Cybercherries PR

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