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IGN Wii-k in review podcast summary

Posted on February 15, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Podcast here

Deadly Creatures

– Play as tarantula or scorpion
– Bozon hopes there are armies of tarantulas and scorpions
– Matt gets a vibe that it takes place in a wasteland, perhaps after man is dead
– One of final stages: Broken gas stages
– Graphics don’t seem too bad
– According to THQ, trailer was not CG – all real-time graphics
– Will do stuff on another dark game after GDC

DQ Swords

– Cool game but thin and straightforward
– Bozon thinks options and controls needed to be added
– Matt likes swiping system for the most part, sometimes doesn’t register though
– Should have marketed with a cheaper price tag
– Polished experience, but simple and short


– Wii – Scraped by to be #1 console
– PS2 – Took third, PS3 above it
– 360 was dead last – Bozon doesn’t think it doesn’t make sense, but all the systems were close
– January is usually a throw away month for Nintendo and other companies
– Call of Duty 4 was biggest performer for software
– No big secret Galaxy has sold about 2.7 million
– Metroid isn’t doing horribly, but is in 600k range – sad

– NCAA Football coming to Wii
– Brawl tournaments are starting in LA – Doors open at 3 PM
– Smash profiles: Looking at different characters every day – get a look at the characters, but spoilers
– Death Jr. was announced – was a PSP game – better visuals, waggle control
– Guitar Hero 3: Aerosmith was announced – Bozon is hoping for GH 1 + 2 pack
– Wii Fit (US version) and WiiWare demo from Nintendo will be at GDC – Matt expects WiiWare news
– IGN will have some interviews


– Matt thinks it’s pretty good
– PS2 has parchment paper that isn’t in Wii version – loses a bit of paper look
– Wii version has a brighter presentation
– Doesn’t have a real widescreen version, some visual sacrifices
– Bozon wants to play the Wii version much more over PS2, same with Matt
– Overall, what you gain in Wii version outweighs what you lose in PS2 version
– Celestial brush works great – much quicker, natural fit
– Matt: sometimes attacking feels tactile
– Can’t use other control options

Reader questions

– Favorite final smash: Bozon: Diddy Kong – takes skill, Matt: Likes final smashes like Link’s, Mario’s
– Upcoming exciting third party games: Boom Blox, Okami
– Don’t visit websites if you don’t want to spoil game
– Matt, Bozon still wouldn’t rate as high as Metroid, Galaxy, but they play it a lot everyday – lasting appeal should get a 10
– Matt thinks Fran is terrible at Brawl, Bozon and Matt think they can beat him
– Death Jr. is an updated version of PSP game with Wii controls, better visuals
– Disaster: Day of Crisis is still coming apparently – Matt expects to hear more at E3
– Matt disagrees with Bozon’s Jam Sessions review out of all reviews, DQ Swords as a Wii game, but not much lower. Bozon would have put Endless Ocean lower than No More Heroes
– 64DD or Virtual Boy? Bozon and Matt both prefer Virtual Boy
– Will review Brawl when they can
– Bozon believes multiplayer is flawless in Brawl. Missing voice chat is a minor gripe
– No Mercy on WiiWare is a problem – wrestlers no longer with company, WWF name (lawsuit), etc. Probably won’t see it
– Couple of amazing third party titles that they know about but can’t talk about
– Behind the visor game of Megaman – thinks it’s cool, but should bring back Legends design
– Deadly Creatures: Matt wants to see more, Bozon is cautiously skeptical but looks cool
– Kirby Wii is not dead apparently
– MLB 2K8: will talk to people about it
– Matt would be happy of evolution of Galaxy, Matt and Bozon both want a sequel – there is a real possibility
– Matt wants to see a big shake up of Zelda – has a good formula, but wants more epic storyline, difficult puzzles
– Bozon doubts another Metroid game on Wii – Curious of next Retro game
– Blitz: The League is the best out of the series, but not on Wii
– Matt goes to bed at 1:30, Bozon at around 3:00
– Matt and Bozon thinks there are games we don’t know about (Pikmin, Animal Crossing) that will help it bring up to the quality titles of DS this year
– Centipe on Wii: Wait for IR remake or something
– Some people don’t like party-fighter aspects of Brawl (speaking of IGN LA, people in general)
– SSBB controls work okay in Subspace Emissary, not a lot to do with them
– Factor 5 flight game may have 720p mode – Nothing preventing them from trying
– Matt and Bozon didn’t get in trouble for spoiling Brawl for some people
– Capcom is “testing” Wii (with Resident Evil 4 and Okami)
– Bozon likes Wii area at Six Flags
– Matt and Bozon thinks Pikmin 3 is coming
– Mario Sports Baseball coming, tennis will come eventually
– Western third party publishers not supporting VC: They are, but up to Nintendo to release them
– Previous Konami employee told Bozon that 65-70 VC games were submitted and were waiting
– People will have to wait past GDC to see Factor 5’s game
– Some games already use Wii Console number instead of friend number for online system
– Bozon would do Wii Fit video review in thong, but it will be on his head
– Mario Kart Wii will come in its own case, Bozon thinks it’ll be a sleeve
– Wheel already exists alone – from Ubisoft

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