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Interview with the Star Fox voice actors

Posted on April 25, 2016 by (@OnePunchMaz) in General Nintendo, News

Star Fox

Geek Melee held an interesting interview with the English voice cast of Star Fox 64 – most of whom reprised their roles for Star Fox: Zero. Make sure to check out the full interview over on Geek Melee; below are a few highlights:

Bill Johns on voicing Falco:

“They showed me a still print of the Falco character and said ‘think Han Solo.’  I guess whatever came out was what they wanted.

There wasn’t a tremendous amount of copy in those early games.  I’m pretty sure everything Falco said fit on a page and a half of script, in large font and double spaced”

Jock Blaney on not returning as Wolf for the 3DS remake of Star Fox 64:

“I was a little disappointed at not returning. It may have been because I moved from Seattle some years back and was now working out of Las Vegas and they wanted their talent to be local Seattle.  It would have been fun!”

Mike West on the response to his performance as Fox in Smash Bros. 4:

“I try not to read social media crap but I saw some pretty harsh comments about my performance as well as a couple of other voice actors.”

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