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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story details and screenshots – side activities, early dungeons

Posted on January 29, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Spike Chunsoft has published the latest information and screenshots for Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story. Today’s update covers the action RPG’s side activities as well as early game dungeons.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Gematsu:


– As your “Satisfaction” with the three major factions increases, shops will open next to the smithy
– As Satisfaction continues to increase, the shops’ lineup of offerings improve
– The type of shop opened differs per faction
– The Post Town sells tools, the Akadama Clan sells decorations and costumes, and the Kurou Family deals in bodyguard brokerage and increasing the number of items you can carry and store
– Bodyguards are reliable companions that possess useful skills, who you can take with you to explore Jikai (the other world)


– In addition to the ongoings of the three factions, you can also check the various requests from your clients via the Bulletin Board
– Requests are updated every morning, and completing them will earn you money and items as rewards
– There are even requests that allow you to hire the character involved in the request as a bodyguard, or obtain blueprints for a rare sword

Gunji Doujima

– Talk to Gunji Doujima to strengthen and repair (durability restoration) swords, as well as bestow them additional effects
– This person works as a blacksmith on the Hill of the Six Bones
– Get an evaluation on the swords you found in Jikai, as well as restore cursed swords
– If you ask Gunji for work, his stress level will accumulate, and he will slack off, become violent, take meaningless action, and go mad unless his stress is relieved
– To relieve his stress, it is essential to casually chat with him or thank him for his work by bringing him gifts

Nanami Doujima

– Talk to the apprentice hiding in the bushes near the smithy to drop off gifts for Nanami Doujima, who was kidnapped as provision for the debt owed by her father
– By dropping off gifts Nanami likes, you will accumulate “Daughter Points” and receive items as thanks
– A column telling of Nanami’s current conditions will be published on the Bulletin Board, where you can also check who sent her gifts and to what extent, as well as the the current ranking among those sending
– If you do not send her any gifts, Nanami will gradually become more distrusting, which will develop into inconvenient requests for the player

Early Game Dungeons and Floors

– Cave of the Pine Tree is the tutorial dungeon with weak enemies such as stray dogs, rat snakes, and corpse soldiers
– Lost Forest of Night is the main dungeon at the beginning of the game with enemies such as corpse generals, kiji, and nekomata
– As you progress even deeper here, a demon-esque hell army as well
– There are also traps and large bosses
– In Jikai, there exists an isolated village floor similar to the Hill of the Six Bones in the real world where you can prepare yourself for battle
– Friendly monsters live in the isolated village, where you can sell items, find players’ lost items, and transport items to the real world
– While these monsters are friendly, they will attack you if you do them harm

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