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Katanakami details – story, gameplay

Posted on September 24, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Following its announcement at the Tokyo Game Show, Spike Chunsoft and Acquire have issued some new details for Katanakami. Today’s update covers the game’s story and gameplay elements.

Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Siliconera


– Near the top of the mountain lived a blacksmith and his daughter
– The blacksmith was the type to spend his money frivolously, and the two of them were always wanting for money
– The blacksmith’s daughter was taken away one day, as payment for the blacksmith’s loans
– In front of the crestfallen blacksmith was a compassionate samurai
– The blacksmith agreed to let the samurai help
– In front of the house was a pine tree that glowed at night
– It was a door to another world
– In order to save the blacksmith’s daughter, the samurai stepped into the foreign world

Hack n Slash + Procedural Generated Dungeons

– Swordplay game like the Way of the Samurai series
– Play through hack and slash dungeons in order to search for famous swords
– Depending on your equipped weapons, how you play will greatly change
– The dungeons you enter at night are full of Japanese-style fantasy
– Since it changes every time you enter it, you can experience something different every time

Running the Smithy

– There are three factions that are vying to take overall control of the mountain
– Using the materials gained from the dungeons, the protagonist can ask the blacksmith to forge new weapons for both himself, and to aid the cause
– There is always a shortage of swords when three factions are fighting
– As a weapons supplier, you can help sway the tide in a certain faction’s favor if you want
– You earn money mainly this way

Day and Night Cycle

– Day and night cycle included
– What you can do depends on the time
– At night, you can go into the other world to find swords and materials
– The daytime is spent making weapons at the smithy
– The goal is to return all of the blacksmith’s debt

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