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Kenka Bancho 6 coming to Japan next January

Posted on November 6, 2014 by (@gamrah) in 3DS, News

The folks over at Gematsu have put up a translation from the latest Famitsu on Kenka Bancho 6 which will be hitting Japan in January 2015. There are a tonne of new details to check out, we’ve included an excerpt below but be sure to go check out the full thing:

Kukijima High School Curriculum

  • First Term [T1]
    • School Entrance Ceremony
    • Ball Game Tournaments
    • Summer Vacation
  • Second Term [T2]
    • Field Trip
    • Winter Vacation
  • Third Term [T3]
    • Finals
    • Graduation Ceremony

New Characters

Koichiro Takashi (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama) – A first year, he speaks in a strange way that mixes Hiroshima’s local dialect with the sort of lines you’d expect out of a historical play. Able to hold his own in a fight, he can lift people up in the air with a single hand. Upon entering school and seeing its rampant chaos, he knew he had to do something. Often fighting alone to help maintain the peace, he’s a misunderstood soul by many.

Check out the full article here!


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