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Lapis x Labyrinth details and screenshots – classes, systems, more

Posted on October 3, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Nippon Ichi released a new batch of details and screenshots for Lapis x Labyrinth – otherwise known as Lapis li Abyss. The latest update covers classes, systems, and more. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Player Character

– Eight classes of playable characters
– Each has different weapons that they use to attack
– The hair style, voice, and color of playable characters can be easily customized


– Run through the labyrinth with dual blades
– A close-range attacker that specializes in one-on-one combat
– Weapon: Dual Blades
– Assist Order: “Blood Rush” – A boisterous dance attack that fires off 10 blasts from your blades
– Extra Order: “Blood Storm” – Fires off a large amount of blades at high speed and deal damage to the enemies they pierce.


– Clean up souls with your scythe
– A mid-to-long range attack specialist
– Weapon: Sickle
– Assist Order: “Soul Missile” – Shoots a large amount of homing bullets that damage the enemy upon explosion
– Extra Order: “Soul Bomb” – Causes a huge explosion to a wide range, dealing damage to almost all the enemies on the screen


– An iron-walled shield that cannot be broken
– A shield-based defense and counterattack specialist
– Weapon: Shield: Assist Order – “Hyper Shield” – For a few seconds, a barrier field develops around you that repels attacks from enemies within a fixed range
– Extra Order: “Zone of Shield” – Generates an invincibility field even greater than the Assist Order barrier field that negates enemy attacks


– A healer of confusion and charm
– Specializes in party support and enemy weakening
– Weapon: Pan
– Assist Order: “Dangerous Cook” – Cooks using the soup stock taken from enemies as ingredients enhanced the party’s attack power.
– Extra Order: “Meromero Fes”- Shoots out multiple heart-shaped bullets, which inflicts the enemies it hits with status ailments

Other Characters

– Various characters will help you along on your adventure in the world of Lapis x Labyrinth

Exploration Kit

– Magic tool that uses old world technology
– Use the Exploration Kit’s magical supply during your adventure to protect yourself from the forest’s miasma
– After forming your party, start your adventure with the Exploration Kit at the top of the DANGO stack

Town Chief

– The town chief is trying to reignite the dungeon industry in order to bring the town back to life


– A butler who looks after the town chief

Rewards System

– Lapis x Labyrinth is a hack and slash title in which you proceed through the dungeon while defeating enemies in flashy style and getting coins and items
– There are all sorts of rewards systems for gathering items

Treasure Points

– You will get “Treasure Points” by acquiring items during your adventure
– Since the treasure you receive after clearing the stage is higher depending on how many Treasure Points you have, be sure to collect a lot

Treasure Chain

– Treasure Chain increases by acquiring items
– Getting damaged by an enemy will reset your Treasure Chain
– If you manage to continue to avoid being damaged, your Treasure Chain will steadily increase
– Since the Treasure Points you acquire will increase the higher your Treasure Chain, Treasure Chains are essential to efficiently gathering Treasure Points

Treasure Disenchantment

– By clearing stages, you can obtain a “Disenchantment Key” that opens treasure chests with spells on them as a reward
– The Disenchantment Key you acquire differs depending on your results, and the number of keys required depends on the treasure chest
– The more Disenchantment Keys you have, the greater the amount and variety of treasure chests you can open

Game Systems

– Rewards system that kicks in after clearing a dungeon
– Systems that are essential to getting through a dungeon in the first place

Fever Gift

– By playing the “Fever Slot” during “Fever Mode,” you can acquire a “special effect” called a “Fever Gift”
– There are 13 types of effect
– These include an attack power increase, HP recovery, and more
– Most effects are automatically activated once acquired
– Depending on the type, there are some that only have an effect during Fever Mode
– Collect 100 Fever Gems to play the Fever Slots once and obtain a Fever Gift

Base Facilities

– In town, there are several facilities essential for your adventure
– This includes the “Guild Company” where you can take on quests posted for explorers
– “Modifications Shop”: strengthen weapons

Lunch Store

– Buy “Bento” that have various effects on the player in the dungeon
– Ex: “Wakuwaku Bento” can restore 50 percent of the player’s HP
– Ex: “Dokkan Bento” increases attack power

Modifications Shop

– By consuming the ingredients you have gathered, you can increase the level of the “Enchantments” tied to your weapons and armor, as well as add new Enchantments
– Enchantments are “special abilities” that can bestow various effects to items, with said abilities ranging from attack-based to defense-based, recovery-based, and more
– The variety of Enchantments that can be added at the Modifications Shop will increase as you progress through your adventure
– By using the “strong fur” ingredient, you can add the “Strong Attack” Enchantment, which increases the odds of a critical attack

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