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Latest Pokemon Duel balance patch going out tomorrow

Posted on June 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow. After it’s complete, yet another balance patch will be issued.

Changes will be made to the following figures:


Lugia gains the Marine Rage ability which gives +10 damage for each Water-type Pokémon in the PCs of both opponents
Removes Hurricane and adds Cyclone, with the same effect but higher ☆ value


Added the Speed Booster ability
Increased Bite damage from 60 to 70 and lowered wheel size
Increased wheel size of Hydro Pump, Wash Out and Miss


Changes Tackle to Dodge with a lower wheel size
Increased wheel size of Take Down
Decreased wheel size of Miss


Increased Thrash damage from 40 to 50 with increased wheel size
Increased wheel size of Crunch
Decreased wheel size of Miss


Increased wheel size of Dig
Decreased wheel size of Scratch and Miss


Altered Group Attack ability to activate when other Carvanha are within 2 steps of Carvanha
Increased Scary Face wheel size
Decreased Miss wheel size


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