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Mario Tennis Aces all-around and technical characters detailed, new screenshots

Posted on April 6, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo Treehouse is starting to gear up for Mario Tennis Aces. In a new blog, two types of characters are covered: all-around and technical.

The full post can be read below. Note that defensive and powerful characters will be covered next.

Hi, everyone! Roxanne from Treehouse here. This post is part one of a series focusing on the character types found in Mario Tennis Aces. Think of it as sort of a Play Styles 101 on all the different Mushroom Kingdom favorites you can play as. Hopefully this will get you thinking about what types will fit your preferred strategy, or—if you’re a jack-of-all-trades like me—it’ll let you take a peek at the different play styles you can try out!

In this first post, I’ll briefly introduce the All-Around and Technical types. Which of your favorites fall into these categories? Find out after the jump!

All-Around Characters

All-Around characters, which include Mario, Luigi, and Daisy, have well-rounded characteristics, as the type’s name implies. This character type is a great one to start with and master, since they have no glaring weaknesses: their shots are solid and their speed is good, allowing them to traverse the court proficiently.

Of course, this isn’t to say that all characters in the same category play the same. Luigi, for example, has slightly weaker shots than Mario, but has phenomenal volleys and is a force to be reckoned with up at the net.

Technical Characters

Technical characters in Mario Tennis Aces include Peach and Toadette. Both of these characters have excellent ball control, are able to easily hit to the far corners of the court, have great footwork, and look fabulous in pink.

Technical characters are my personal favorite characters to play as because they are great for hitting the ball juuuust out of reach of your opponents, particularly once you have gotten a read on how your opponent tends to move. Their Zone Shots and Special Shots may not be as fast as those of some other character types, but they certainly make those standard shots count! And the longer you keep a rally going, the more chances you have at storing up your Energy for some of those souped-up Special Shots.

Every character has a bit of a quirk to how they play, and some traits that fall outside of a character’s class, such as their height and weight, can affect how well they can counter a type of shot or strategy. So, start thinking about what your own play style might be, and how well these characters might complement that, but save your final picks for when you can try them out for yourself after the game launches.

Next time, we’ll cover Defensive characters and Powerful characters, which include…Chain Chomp! Hope you’re chomp-ing at the bit for the next part. See you soon!

We have some new screenshots from Mario Tennis Aces:


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