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Mary Skelter Finale details and screenshots

Posted on March 29, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Following today’s teaser trailer, Compile Heart has issued some of the first details and screenshots for Mary Skelter Finale, its upcoming dungeon RPG. Early information covers the Adventure Mode, premise, and characters.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Adventure Mode

– Features the stories of both Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2
– Can play Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter, which included as a pre-order bonus with Mary Skelter 2
– In total, you can enjoy three different adventures in addition to the main game


– The Jail: a living prison that feeds on the humans trapped within its confines
– The Jail appeared a number of years ago with the caving of the city around it
– Now twisted creatures known as Marchens and treacherous Nightmares roam its halls
– The Blood Maidens, reincarnations of old stories and folk tales led by Jack, successfully escaped the Jail and managed to make it from the underground prison to the surface
– Although they had hope for the surface, the scene Jack and company first saw when they emerged… was thousands of dead bodies submerged in a sea of blood, and the maniacal laughter of “Genocide Pink” (executioner girls)
– Scattered by the overwhelming slaughter and mayhem of Genocide Pink, their only ray of hope was seemingly destroyed
– Scorched Pillar, a member of Genocide Pink born to kill humans
– Jack, a Blood Youth who would give even a drop of a blood to save a friend; Mary, a match girl who plays the light of the meaning of life; Zyu, a mysterious boy who calls himself “Tower Base”; Red Riding Hood, a Blood Maiden distressed about her father; and Clara, a regular old nobody
– Everything leads to the “Foul Feeding Overseer Tower” that floats high in the sky
– This is the finale of the prison break drama of the girls who follow the lights of hatred and friendship in attempt to escape the tiny earth star


– A boy who was living as an inmate in the Jail with Alice
– One of the six protagonists
– His encounter with the Blood Maidens led him to discover that he is the only living Blood Youth, and he fought alongside them as companions
– Timid, but successfully escaped from the Jail twice over, remaining calm despite the circumstances
– Grew into a strong and kind soul who is willing to put his life on the line for his friends
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, he goes along with Otsu and Little Mermaid


– One of the six protagonists
– Has always lived in the same Liberated District as Jack and Alice, but has been living alone and without recognition all this time due to her lack of presence
– She likes and accepts this loneliness, and lives a surprisingly positive life, grinning as she strikes matches to see visions
– Only to Charlotte, the one person to notice her and give her a name, does she act both cynical and affectionate
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, she goes along with Charlotte and Alice


– Mysterious woman who was living in the same Liberated District as Mary and Jack
– Knows about Jack and the Blood Maidens, as well as the secrets and truths that were only known to them
– Knew she was a Blood Maiden, but would rather lie low with Mary in the Liberated District rather than join Dawn
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, she goes along with Mary and Alice


– A girl who was the assistant of a weapons craftsman in the underground Liberated District
– One of the six protagonists
– Bright and outgoing
– Well-liked by others, but can be a bit annoying
– She is just an ordinary girl without the power the fight, but thinks and acts with utmost effort to pave the way forward
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, she goes along with Hameln and Gretel


– Amnesiac boy completely shrouded in mystery
– One of the six protagonists
– Calm and rational
– Can also be ruthless if it is to achieve his goal
– Acts relying only on fragments of memories, such as “I have to find my dear wife,” and “I’m the Tower Base and Blood Youth”
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, he meets and goes along with Snow White and Kaguya

Red Riding Hood

– One of the six protagonists
– An impulsive girl who acts before she thinks
– Since she was the first Blood Maiden, she assembled the girls as their big sister
– The fact that her true father ended up being the man behind the scenes of the Jail cast a dark shadow upon her mind
– Usually cheerful, but lacks confidence in herself at heart
– After everyone is scattered by the onslaught of the Execution Girls, she barely manages to link up with Thumbelina and Cinderella

Mary Skelter 2 will be getting a 9,700 limited edition, which includes a Kei Nanameda-illustrated box, Finale Music Collection (all music included), Series Music Collection (all music included), Finale and Series Art Collection (includes Yomoji Otono-written novel and staff commentary), and bath poster.

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