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Metroid Prime: Blast Ball details

Posted on June 17, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

– Blast Ball is a part of Metroid Prime: Federation Force
– Teams of 3
– Go into Metroid-style mechs
– Use a first-person perspective and a massive arm-mounted cannon
– Try to knock an enormous, electrified orb into the opposing team’s goal
– Much like first-person soccer
– Keep the ball at bay with your blaster rather than your foot
– If you’re hit with the ball, your suit takes damage
– Taking too much damage means you need to wait to respawn
– Can also take damage from enemy fire
– Circle Pad: movement
– B button: jump
– A button: fire your cannon
– Fire the cannon in rapid bursts with quick presses, or a charged shot if held down
– Hold down “R” to strafe with the Circle Pad or fine-tune your aim with the gyroscope
– L button: lock onto the ball, keeping it front and center in your visor’s Prime-style display.
– While locked on to the ball, your mech’s lateral movement is much slower than you’d expect
– HUD cracks when you take too much damage
– Smooth frame rate


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