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Monster Hunter Rise tidbits – post-launch support planned, frame rate, name

Posted on September 20, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Monster Hunter Rise

Following the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, Arekkz Gaming spoke with EMEA Capcom Community Manager Josh Dahdrai to learn a bit more about the game. Dahdrai reconfirmed some aspects that were pretty much already known, but also commented on other aspects like post-launch support, frame rate, and why it’s not a numbered title.

Here’s the full roundup:

– Built upon the seamless exploration of Monster Hunter World
– Players and monsters can move between areas without loading screens
– More creatures will be shown in the coming months
– One of the game’s features is the broad variety of monster types
– Free content after launch
– Using RE Engine reconfirmed
– Targeting 30 frames per second
– Traditional but fresh Monster Hunter experience
– Retains all of the DNA of the Monster Hunter series
– Not considered a derivative or spin-off title
– The Monster Hunter team is more interested in naming the products in a way that represents what they have to offer

Monster Hunter Rise is due out for Switch on March 26, 2021. You can watch the full video from Arekkz Gaming here.

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