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Monster Sanctuary “Counter Attack” update out now (version 1.3), patch notes

Posted on December 13, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

monster sanctuary counter attack update

Publisher Team17 and developer Moi Gai Games have readied a significant 1.3 patch for Monster Sanctuary, otherwise known as the “Counter Attack” update. It includes the option for donating multiple eggs at once to the Monster Army, new skills, lots of balancing adjustments, and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the Monster Sanctuary Counter Attack update:

  • adds Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Multiple Egg Donating
    • To make your life as a Keeper a little easier, we added the possibility to donate multiple eggs at once to the Monster Army. It is an additional option in the Monster Army menu and should make the process of donating eggs way faster for you.
  • Improved L/R switching Monster behavior in menus
    • This feature makes managing your inactive Monsters easier! When selecting an inactive Monster first, the game will cycle through inactive and active Monsters. If selecting an active Monster first, the game will only cycle through active Monsters like you know it from before. You can also switch Monsters in the feed menu and monster consumables menu now using L/R buttons on gamepad or a/d on keyboard.
  • New Skills Added: Counter Attack + Sidekick Support
    • Minitaur got some love in this update with the new skill Counter Attack, enabling a powerful revenge! Vodinoy also gains Counter Attack, see below for detailed balancing changes.
    • Sidekick Support is a new Aura making full sidekick teams more viable or allowing Monsters that don’t attack that often to benefit from Sidekick buffs. Dodo, Changeling and Dracozul gained this new skill. Check the balancing changes below for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to saving/loading teams (sometimes, when saving a monsters on multiple teams and switching between those, the skill tree didn’t update properly)
  • Fixed Issue that Tanuki could not be donated in NG+
  • Fixed ‘Shield Crush’ to properly apply the Aura effect (was only working on the monster itself)

Balancing Changes

Monster skill tree changes:
  • ‘Changeling’ has Debuff Resistance now, gains ‘Sidekick Support’ and loses one ‘Combo Buffing’
  • ‘Draconoir’ both shifts have -1 base attack and magic now
  • ‘Dracozul’ gains ‘Sidekick Support’, loses ‘Combo Buffing’
  • ‘Goblin Hood’ gains ‘Multi Sidekick’
  • ‘Goblin Brute’ gains ‘Multi Regeneration’
  • ‘Goblin King’ gains ‘Multi Might’ and ‘Multi Sorcery’
  • ‘Dodo’ gains ‘Sidekick Support’, light shift changed to ‘Curse Breaker’
  • ‘Moccus’ gains ‘Warlock Healing’, ‘Power Healing’ and ‘Life Stability’, loses a ‘Mana Plus’, ‘Attack Plus’ and a ‘Defense Plus’ node
  • ‘Minitaur’ gains ‘Counter Attack’ and ‘Bleed’, loses ‘Shared Might’
  • ‘Megataur’ gains ‘Chilling Wind’, ‘Flurry of Blows’, ‘Critical Boon’, ‘Exploit Party’, two ‘Crit Chance+” nodes, loses ‘Heavy Punch’, ‘Earth Affinity’, ‘Hybrid Mastery’, two ‘Crit Damage+’ nodes
  • ‘Megataur’ ultimates changed: ‘Boulder Toss’ and ‘Blizzard’ replaced by ‘Polar Winds’ and ‘Frost Pierce’
  • ‘Stolby’ gains ‘Death Blow’, ‘Warlock Healing’, ‘Buffing Heal’ and ‘Double Strike’, loses ‘Static’, ‘Earth Affinity’ and ‘Mana Plus’ node. ‘Transfusion’ is now available at an earlier level.
  • ‘Vodinoy’ gains ‘Counter Attack’, ‘Critical Break’ and ‘Weakening Crush’, loses ‘Reflect’, ‘Health Plus’ and ‘Mana Plus’
  • ‘Spectral Eagle’ light shift magic and attack reduced by 1
  • ‘Akhlut’ now also has ‘Fish’ type
  • ‘Kanko’ now also has ‘Beast’ type
  • ‘Koi’ now also has ‘Aerial’ type in addition to the other types, both shifts gain +1 attack and magic
  • ‘Aazerach’ loses one ‘Transfusion’, gains an additional ‘Mana Plus’
  • ‘Vasuki’ gains ‘Power Healing’, ‘Hexing Support’ and ‘Combo Shielding’, loses ‘Life Channel’
  • ‘Mega Rock’ gains ‘Shared Might’
  • ‘Targoat’ gains ‘Double Strike’, loses ‘Empower’. Light shift loses -1 base Defense, dark shift gains +1 base Defense
  • ‘Mad Eye’ and ‘Mad Lord’ light shift skill is ‘Mass Mystify’ now
  • ‘Magmamoth’ drops ‘Cocoon’ now
  • ‘Tanuki’ gains ‘Heroism’, dark shift changed to ‘Heroic Assault’
  • ‘Raduga’ gains ‘Phoenix Affinity’ and ‘Magic Attack’, Light shift gains +1 base Magic, dark shift gains +1 base Health and +1 base Mana
Skill changes:
  • ‘Critical Sorcery’ and ‘Magnetize’ are Unique Auras now
  • ‘Punishment’ is an Unique Aura now
  • ‘Magic Barrier’ now additionally reduces the damage taken by 1% for every 100 Max Mana.
  • ‘Devour’ is an Aura now
  • ‘Brawler’ and ‘Sorcerer’ shield values increased to 75% (from 50%)
  • ‘Exploit Party’ shield value increased to 5% (from 3%)
  • ‘Combo Shielding’ now shields by 50% of the monster’s Defense (instead of 30%)
  • ‘Dragon Blood’ Health and Mana regeneration increased to 9% (from 7%)
  • ‘Dragon Mastery’ now applies a debuff on all enemies instead of one
  • ‘Goblin Provisions’, ‘Goblin Recovery’, ‘Goblin Offenes’ and ‘Goblin Defense’ now additionally apply a random buff to every goblin at the start of the turn
  • ‘Occult Power’ now shields by 40% of the Monster’s Max Health (instead of 33%)
  • ‘Hexed Touch’ debuff trigger chance increased to 50% (from 40%)
  • ‘Mentor’ now applies two random buffs instead of one
  • Fixed ‘Shield Crush’ to properly apply the Aura effect (was only working on the monster itself)
  • ‘Channeling Balance’ damage reduction is now multiplicative with each other when having multiple Channel buffs
  • ‘Blind’ miss chance reduced to 30% (from 40%)
  • ‘Lord of the Deep’ Bleed value increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • ‘Electrolytes’ debuff remove chance reduced to 50% (from 75%)
  • ‘Trickster Buffing’ debuff chance increased to 15% (from 10%)
  • ‘Channeled Balance’ damage reduction is multiplicative with each other when having multiple Channels
  • ‘Charged Hazard’, ‘Charged Anamoly’ and ‘Charged Destruction’ now require to consume 12 Charge stacks to trigger debuff application (instead of 15)
  • ‘Sheltered Nature’ now also reduced the damage taken by 1% for every 1000 Max Health
Equipment and item changes:
  • ‘Restoring Wand’ defense on highest upgrade level reduced to 25 (from 35)
  • ‘Abyssal Sword’ Apply chance increased to 80% on highest upgrade level (from 60%)
  • ‘Harp’ Magic value increased to 240 on highest upgrade level (form 220)
  • ‘Pirate Hook’ attack increased to 230 and healing increased to 1000 on highest upgrade level (from 210/500)
  • ‘Scepter’ Max Mana increased to 100 on highest upgrade level (from 80)
  • ‘Hexing Rod’ now applies two debuffs on highest upgrade level
  • ‘Totem’ Attack and Magic values increased to 55 on highest upgrade level (from 48)
  • ‘Apple’, ‘Pear’, ‘Mango’ and ‘Orange’ now increase the Max Mana by slightly more
  • ‘Cookie Mushroom’ now additionally increases healing and shielding by 3%

All players can download the new Counter Attack update for Monster Sanctuary now.


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