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Mortal Kombat 1 February 2024 update out now, patch notes

Posted on February 28, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

Mortal Kombat 1 February 2024 update

A new February 2024 update has gone out for Mortal Kombat 1.

The highlight is the addition of Peacemaker as a DLC character and Janet Cage as a Kameo Character (launching in March). Elsewhere there’s a new round of balance adjustments, fixes, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Mortal Kombat 1 February 2024 update patch notes

General Fixes & Adjustments

  • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
  • AI adjustments & improvements
  • Added Peacemaker Roster Character
  • Added Janet Cage Kameo Character (Available March 2024)
  • Added UMK3 skins for Scorpion, Reptile & Smoke, and MK3 Skin for Sub-Zero
  • Fixed several visual issues with brutalities
  • Fixed visual issues with several projectiles after being reflected
  • Fixed issue with cloth physics becoming active on frozen opponents during the in-game Fatal Blow attacks
  • Match Timer now resumes immediately if a Fatal Blow misses or is blocked
  • Fixed issue with Up Block vulnerability persisting after knockdown if some wakeup attacks were performed
  • Fixed rare issue near arena corners that could result in excessively long delay before a turnaround occurs
  • Using a Breaker while a Kameo Summon is being performed will now always put the Kameo on cooldown
  • Fixed color of certain palettes
  • Fixed eye color of Sub Zero’s Deadly Alliance skin
  • Fixed a crash with Practice Mode
  • Fixed issue with missing VFX
  • Fixed issue causing a disconnect on King of the Hill


  • Fixed rare issue where UI & Announcer timing could be mismatched at round start in online matches
  • Fixed rare issue where health could be slightly visually incorrect for a few frames after losing a round during some Fatal Blow cinematics
  • Fixed online rollback issue with characters’ visuals changing when blocking certain brutalities starting attacks while at low health
  • Adjusted Match found sound when looking for a Kombat League match


  • Added in-game HUD indicators showing Invasion Character Level & Elemental Types for the player & his opponent
  • Added in-game HUD indicators displaying Modifiers active during a match
  • Significantly increased Fighter & Kameo Mastery XP base rewards per Encounter, which is no longer no longer repeatable and are no longer subject to diminishing returns if the opponent is a lower level
  • Increased Fighter & Kameo Mastery XP & item rewards from Encounters in the Gateway Mesa
  • Removed negative passive bonuses from some Relics
  • Konsumables with Stat Bonuses are now rewarded in more areas
  • Krowns can now be rewarded for defeating Major Enemies
  • Relic & Talisman Buy & Sell prices are now affected by Level & Rarity
  • Fixed end of round slow motion happening on certain attacks when there could be more opponents left to fight in the encounter
  • Fixed rare situation where the opponent losing to time out while performing an armored move could cause an incorrect animation

Practice Mode

  • Damage text in Practice mode when hitting an opponent with an air-only attack will now display AIR instead of UNBLOCKABLE
  • Added ability to configure the following Fighter & Kameo specific mechanics under “Practice Settings”
    • Ashrah
      • Heaven / Hell Mode Debuffs
    • Geras
      • Countdown Charges
    • General Shao
      • Axe & Dark Energy
    • Johnny Cage
      • Hype & Wowing Out
    • Kenshi
      • Sento & Spirit
    • Havik
      • Link Active
    • Nitara
      • Blood Sacrifice
    • Raiden
      • Electric Charge
    • Sindel
      • Inspire Active
    • Tanya
      • Royal Guidance
    • Quan Chi
      • Zones
    • Tremor
      • Variation
    • Khameleon
      • Disguise

Character Specific Adjustments

  • Main Fighters
    • Ashrah
      • Bleeding Blade (Down + Back Punch) now deals bonus damage & causes knockdown reaction when hitting an opponent’s Kameo
    • Baraka
      • Fixed Chop Chop using same input regardless of Alternate Kontrols setting
    • General Shao
      • Fixed incorrect animation used when Kameo Fatality is performed while Axe is planted
      • Fixed issue that could cause incorrect blood locations when komboing Jump Attacks into Basic Attacks
    • Geras
      • Fixed a rare issue that could cause Geras to not teleport after hitting a Main Fighter & Kameo with Inevitable at the same time
    • Havik
      • Skab Stab (Away + Back Punch, Back Punch, Throw) no longer allows the opponent to perform a Kameo Ambush Attack while in its hit reaction
      • Fixed Enhanced Neoplasm having no sound effects when performed at very close distance to the opponent
      • Fixed lingering visual with Enhanced Blood Bath if Disarmed And Dangerous (Fatal Blow) is used before activating Corpse Taunt
    • Johnny Cage
      • Fixed invulnerability to high attacks during the some of the recovery frames of Ball Buster while in Wowing Out hype state
    • Kenshi
      • Kameo Meter color is now blue when Ancestor is active
      • Kenshi will now take 20 damage when Ancestor is hit by an attack
      • Ancestor is now vulnerable to attacks while Kenshi is performing a throw attempt
      • Fixed situation where hitting the Ancestor while in certain actions would cause two hitsparks to occur
    • Kung Lao
      • Fixed throw immunity during some recovery frames of Hat Toss
    • Li Mei
      • Enhanced Nova Blast’s followup hits are no longer sometimes blockable when done at full screen against certain characters
    • Liu Kang
      • Fixed visual issue that could occur when Dragon’s Breath is interrupted by Sub-Zero’s Ice Klone
    • Mileena
      • Slightly adjusted Hit Region on Straight Sai & Enhanced Straight Sai
      • Fixed issue with Feral Gashes (Front Punch, Back Punch, Throw) no longer allows the opponent to perform a Kameo Ambush Attack while in its hit reaction
      • Fixed issue that could cause (Air) Enhanced Teleport Down & (Air) Homing Ball to not be possible while in the air from Khameleon’s Fan Lift
      • Fixed issue causing a misaligned teleport attack to occur if Enhanced Sai Toss connects with an opponent’s kameo
      • Fixed visual misalignment during “Maybe Next Time” brutality
    • Nitara
      • Fixed visual issue with Wings having improper animation after missing Fatal Blow
    • Rain
      • Rain God Waterball is no longer destroyed if Rain is hit after the projectile becomes active
      • Fixed Ancient Trap interacting with some reflect moves
      • Fixed issue that could cause (Air) Confluence Beam to not be possible while in the air from Khameleon’s Fan Lift
    • Reiko
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Reiko to switch sides with the opponent
        when performing The Soldier’s Spearit (Fatal Blow) while close to the
        arena corner
      • Fixed visual issue when Tactical Takedown is interrupted by Kameo Kung
        Lao’s Away We Go
    • Shang Tsung
      • Fixed Bed of Spikes interacting with reflect moves
      • Added visual effect to signify when Form Stealer damage boost has ended
      • Fixed issue with Form Stealer cloth physics not functioning correctly in certain circumstances when returning to Shang Tsung form
    • Sindel
      • Kameo meter color is now pink when Enhanced Queen’s Kommand is active
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Sindel’s Kameo to become unresponsive if some Fatal Blows were performed immediately after hitting an opponent’s Kameo with Enhanced Queen’s Command
    • Smoke
      • Fixed rare issue that could cause Smoke to become invisible for an extended period of time if he is interrupted during Everywhere (Back Punch, Front Punch, Back Punch) at specific timing
    • Sub-Zero
      • Fixed visual issue that could cause Ice Klones to appear in cinematics
    • Tanya
      • Spinning Splits Kick and (Air) Spinning Splits Kick can now hit the opponent’s Kameo
      • Heavenly Hand & Enhanced Heavenly Hand now continue to be active after hitting an opponent’s Kameo
      • Spinning Splits Kick & (Air) Spinning Splits Kick air hit reaction knocks down for 1 frame longer
      • Fixed Cudgel Strike (Down + Back Punch) now deals bonus damage & causes knockdown reaction when hitting an opponent’s Kameo
      • Fixed rare situation with 100 Hands (Fatal Blow) not going into cinematic despite its attack connecting on opponent in certain circumstances with Kameo Goro
    • Omni-Man
      • Fixed issue with Spilled Kontents (Towards + Back Kick, Front Punch, Throw) no longer allows the opponent to perform a Kameo Ambush Attack while in its hit reaction
    • Quan Chi
      • New move Zone of Waste added. It creates a zone that drains meter from the opponent and if the opponent stands in it for an extended period Quan Chi will briefly gain armor
      • Field of Bones & Enhanced Field of Bones now activates the cage trap if the opponent blocks the attack
      • Field of Bones & Enhanced Field of Bones now has an increased duration on the cage trap. Adjusted victim region while duck blocking
      • Fixed inconsistency between air and ground hit reactions for Zone of Power Enhanced Head Rush allowing the opponent to block followup attacks at certain distances
      • Fixed Koccyx Krusher (Away + Front Kick, Back Kick, Back Punch) having improper animation and auto-correcting if performed as the opponent jumps over
      • Fixed Sareena Jataaka’s Kurse still triggering if it is only connecting with Field of Bones
      • Fixed Skewer Strike tracking the opponent if the first hit connects with Field of Bones
      • Fixed lingering visual effects if opponent is interrupted during the hit reaction of Enhanced Head Rush
      • Fixed several unintended visual effects lingering during cinematics
      • Fixed visual issue with skull projectiles lingering on screen if they are evaded by Omni-Man’s Viltrumite Stance
      • Fixed visual issue with lingering effects after hitting Field of Bones with Sub-Zero’s Ice Klone Charge
      • Fixed an issue which would allow opponent’s Shujinko to use Zone of Power to buff their projectiles
  • Kameo Fighters
    • Darrius (Kameo)
      • Fixed AI being unable to perform several followups to Tornado Kick
      • Twister Kicks, Double Daegon Kick, Eat Dirt, & Heelturn Attacks are no longer affected by projectile Invulnerability
    • Jax (Kameo)
      • Kameo meter color now changes when Ground Pound is active
      • Adjusted AI behavior when it tries to avoid Ground Pound
    • Kano (Kameo)
      • Fixed visual issues with several Fighters’ weapons during the Eye Laser and Forward Throw animations
    • Kung Lao (Kameo)
      • Fixed animation issue when the Spin is blocked at far ranges
    • Motaro (Kameo)
      • Fixed rare issue with Reflect which could cause some projectiles to still be reflected after it hits a main character
    • Scorpion (Kameo)
      • The main character will now pass through other characters when pulled by Get Over Here
      • Fixed visual issue with Hell Blades brutality causing the victim to move in certain circumstances
    • Shujinko (Kameo)
      • When morphing into the opponent Shang Tsung’s kameo and using the full kameo bar, Shujinko will return to his normal state
      • Stolen Kitana Fan-Nado can now be directed close or far
      • Fixed issue causing Kopy Kat & Mimic to increase the hype meter for Johnny Cage when used
      • Fixed visual issues with using Reptile Invisibility and Stolen Acid Spit at the same time
    • Sub-Zero (Kameo)
      • Fixed rare issue with Arctic Armor not deactivating when hit by low attacks in certain circumstances
      • Fixed lingering visual effects appearing after missing Fatal Blow
    • Tremor (Kameo)
      • Fixed issue with Tremor still being vulnerable to attacks after using Crystal Armor and disappearing
      • Fixed Rolling Rock visual effects lingering after it collides with Sub-Zero’s Ice Klone
    • Khameleon (Kameo)
      • HUD weapon icon will now pulse to indicate Disguise is about to change
      • Slightly increased damage scaling on Glaive, Roll, & Fan Lift when used in a combo
      • Fan Lift will now work on characters that have projectile immunity active
      • Fixed Breaker being possible while Khameleon is on cooldown
      • Using Khameleon Roll & Mileena Roll in the same combo will no longer cause alternate hit reaction
      • Fixed visual issue that could cause weapons to appear incorrectly in Tower victory cinematic

The Mortal Kombat 1 February 2024 update is now available on Switch.


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