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NEO: The World Ends With You details – lots of characters, threads, psychs, more

Posted on July 20, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

NEO: The World Ends With You

Square Enix has sent out another batch of details for NEO: The World Ends With You. We’ve got information covering a whole bunch of characters, threads, psychs, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:


It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya, but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different.

When a psychic battle breaks out on the Scramble Crossing, Rindo thought he’d managed to escape it. Until a girl calling herself a Reaper shows up in front of him.

“Welcome to the Reapers’ Game, kid.”

Surely nothing too terrible could happen in a game…

With this thought in mind, Rindo casually joins the game with his friend, Fret. But as they start playing the game, the two start to feel like something isn’t quite right.

There’s something off about this “Shibuya” they’re in!

As the pair grapple with their doubts, they’re suddenly confronted with the rule of the Game: win, or be erased.

In this second Shibuya called Shibuya’s Undergound (or “UG”) they must compete with the other Players to take the top spot and survive.

Will Rindo and Fret be able to return to the original Shibuya…?


NEO: The World Ends with You takes place in Shibuya, Tokyo. You may recognise some of the landmarks from real life, but the city itself is depicted in the iconic style of the series.

Explore this wonderfully unique version of Shibuya!


The music is composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, who also composed the soundtrack of the previous game, The World Ends with You.

The soundtrack features all-new tracks alongside arrangements of tracks from the previous title, including “Twister” and “Calling”.


Dialogue sequences are presented with a comic-esque aesthetic that keeps the story moving while highlighting character interactions.


Rindo (Voice: Paul Castro Jr.)

“Hang on – I’m having some serious déjà vu. Does this mean there’s a chance I can change things!?”

One of the newest Players in the Reapers’ Game, Rindo is a high schooler to whom searching for info on his phone is second nature. He prefers to go with the flow, and although he doesn’t go out of his way to interact with others, he won’t turn them away if they come to him first. Thrust into the Game without even realizing it, he now serves as the de facto leader of the Wicked Twisters.

Fret (Voice: Griffin Burns)

“That’s why we’ve gotta go for broke and aim for the top!”

Rindo’s happy-go-lucky classmate and fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Fret boasts the ability to get along with just about anyone. While he styles himself as a natural conversationalist, he prefers to keep things light, subconsciously avoiding subjects that are too serious. He enjoys walking around town with his buddy “Rindude”.

Nagi (Voice: Miranda Parkin)

“This whole “Reapers’ Game” is most detestable. I give it a -200 out of 10!”

Another player in the Reapers’ Game, Nagi is college student living in Shibuya whose youthful appearance leads other to mistake her for a middle schooler. She is deeply passionate about her pastimes, devoting all of her time and energy to her favourite games. Highly perceptive, she is acutely aware of others’ emotions, and shows disdain toward those she deems superficial and disingenuous.

Minamimoto (Voice: Andy Hirsch)

“So, did you zeptograms have time to process today’s mission?”

A fellow Player in the Reapers’ Game, Minamimoto puts his impressive psychic powers to use when he saves Rindo and the gang from a tight spot early on, then forces himself onto their team.

He calculates every possible future using his own unique formulas and acts in accordance with the values he discovers, but he remains a mystery to all around him. He seems to have his sights set on something greater than Rindo and the gang.

Susukichi (Voice: Max Udell)

“You kids must be the newbies! Oooh, fresh outta the box, ain’t ya?”

A Player in the Reapers’ Game, and a member of the Ruinbringers. While his impressive physique gives off an intimidating air, Susukichi is actually a bit of a chatterbox, rambling in his surprisingly high voice. Like the discs in his beloved Reversi, he views the world in black and white.

Tsugumi (Voice: Ciara Riley Wilson)

“I can’t lose…I must fight.”

A Player in the Reapers’ Game. Although she is a member of the Ruinbringers, she barely interacts with others and does not talk to anyone. Contrary to her waif-like appearance, she possesses powerful psychic abilities and a perfect record against other Players.

The stuffed animal she carries resembles the mascot of Gatto Nero, a new brand that’s all the rage in Shibuya—but her plush pal apparently predates the establishment of said brand.

Fuya (Voice: Adam Gold)

“You can row, row, row all you want… but you won’t go gently down this stream!”

A Player in the Reapers’ Game who got sucked into the action while taking a stroll in search of Shibuya’s most exquisite culverts. Despite being the de facto leader of the Deep Rivers Society, he is quite cowardly and not one to normally take charge. However, his aversion to conflict is the reason he’s managed to avoid dropping out of the game so far, so his “flightover-fight” approach has served him surprisingly well. He holds a store-bought map of the city in which he’s hand-marked his favourite culverts.

Kanon (Voice: Xanthe Huynh)

“That may work on the other girls, but I’m a little sharper.”

A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Variabeauties. Both kind and captivating, Kanon gives “Rindy” and his teammates a crash course in the rules of the Game. Her beauty also belies a cunning side that reveals itself when the situation warrants. What she lacks in impressive psychic powers, she more than makes up for in wisdom, which has helped her survive the Game thus far.

Motoi (Voice: Nick Thurston)

“I’m prepared to help out, of course! The more people working together, the better the résultat.”

A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Purehearts. His winning smile and poetic platitudes give off good vibes only, even though his superficiality and frequent use of “fancy” words can rub some people the wrong way. Nevertheless, his magnetic personality has proven quite attractive, amassing him a large number of followers.

Shiba (Voice: Shaun Conde)

“Now it’s time to show me what you’ve got, my turbo-charged Twisters!”

Shiba currently ranks number one among the Reapers in the Shibuya UG, having worked his way to the top within a year of his arrival. He also serves as the Game’s Master, arbiter of its rules, and encourages its Players to keep things hot.

His psychic powers far surpass those of his fellow Reapers, ensuring that none dare disobey him.

Shoka (Voice: Bailey Gambertoglio)

“Somebody’s gotta keep things interesting around here.”

One of the Reapers in charge of managing the Game, Shoka is less than enthused with her job of monitoring the Players. Having grown bored of the Game in its current state, she not-so-secretly hopes someone will come along and shake things up, and shows open disdain toward Players who are slow to learn the rules. The hoodie she wears is a signature piece from Gatto Nero, a new brand that has recently taken Shibuya by storm.

Ayano (Voice: Erin Yvette)

“What an unpleasant surprise. Come to ingratiate us again with your ill-gotten intel?”

A Reaper managing the Reapers’ Game. One of the elite Reapers, Ayano is highly capable and implicitly trusted by her leader, Shiba. She is cold and ruthless toward others – except her fellow Reaper, Shoka, whom she dotes upon in a near obsessive manner.

Kubo (Voice: Xander Mobus)

“So fight like your lives’re on the line – figuratively speakin’, seein’ as you’re already dead… Nyeheh!”

A Reaper managing the Reapers’ Game. His obligations extend to both the micro and macro levels, monitoring individual Players as well as determining the outcome in win-lose scenarios. Yet in spite of these duties, he spends quite a bit of time chatting with Rindo and the gang…

His words drip with condescension, causing many to dislike him. In fact, the only person to whom he shows any respect is his leader, Shiba.

Kaie (Voice: Josey Montana McCoy)

“…Sorry, I can’t offer any more readings right now. :(”

One of the Reapers who runs a fortune-telling shop on Spain Hill while also managing the digital system behind the Game.

Expressionless and seemingly voiceless, he communicates exclusively via text. In messages, however, he’s extremely talkative, revealing a cheerful and caring side.

Hishima (Voice: James Austin Kerr)

“I’d be mortified if I were caught abiding by outdated protocol.”

One of the Reapers who rarely gets involved in the operation of the Game, claiming that his heart isn’t really in it. Despite his intellectual appearance, he reveals himself to be both sarcastic and stubborn when he opens his mouth.

Somewhat of an odd Reaper out, he’s a man of mystery: even his comrades can’t discern whether he has some sort of ulterior motive.

Kariya (Voice: Andrew Kishino)

“You’ve still got a lot to learn if you wanna make it through this.”

A Reaper. Despite his veteran status among the Shibuya Reapers, Kariya has no career aspirations, content with working among the rank-and-file Reapers. Though he used to work alongside Uzuki, the two operate separately at present. Never seen without one of his trademark lollipops.

Uzuki (Voice: Kate Higgins)

“…but if you really want the deets, you’ll probably just have to ask her yourself.”

A Reaper. Although her mind was once solely focused on getting ahead, Uzuki seems to have outgrown her previous ambition for some reason or another—but her short temper hasn’t changed a bit. She used to work with Kariya, but currently she operates alone.

Coco (Voice: Kitana Turnbull)

“You have no friggin’ idea what I’ve been through to get here, you festering sack of garbage!”

A Reaper girl who does as she pleases, spending most of her time in Harajuku. She has little interest in her Reaperly duties, sometimes even wandering outside Shibuya. Despite her delicate appearance, she is actually quite cunning, deceiving others to help get her way – but she remains deeply loyal to her friends.

She was with Neku and Beat when a certain post-Game incident occurred three years ago.

Reaper Pins

The Reaper Pins are proof that a player is permitted to take part in the Reapers’ Game. Also known as Player Pins.

Players with one of these pins can use powers that are essential to complete the Reapers’ Game, like Scan. The pins also allow the holder to draw out special psychs (abilities) from within.

By coming into possession of this pin, Rindo and the gang will be drawn further into the life-and-death Reapers’ Game…


Rindo and the gang can increase their HP, Attack and Defence by wearing threads. The threads that can be equipped are divided into five different categories: headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories.

Threads also possess abilities that may be useful in battle. If the character equipping an item has high enough Style, its ability will be activated and its effect unleashed. Spruce up your fashion sense and bring out the true power of the threads!

There are no restrictions when equipping threads, so you can make whichever character you like wear any fashion item. However, some abilities will only take effect when equipped by a specific character.

Each item belongs to a certain brand, and there are over 270 threads. Find your favourite brand and coordinate your characters’ fashion!


Another great thing about Shibuya is its wide selection of restaurants! Choose from a variety of dining options like guilty fast food pleasures, succulent meat dishes, healthy veggie soups, and parfaits packed with cream and fruit. Eating improves your basic stats and is essential for Rindo and his teammates’ growth. If you want to survive the Reapers’ Game, watch what you eat!

There are over 90 types of food. Savour all the fine dishes Shibuya has to offer!

Rindo and his teammates’ reactions during food scenes in the restaurants are also a treat. Their moods are different when they eat something they like versus when they eat something they don’t.


Scanning is one of the fundamental psychs available to players. Press the button to begin scanning your surroundings, which will allow you to read people’s thoughts and visualise enemies known as Noise.

Noise will start to chase you if you get too close while using Scan. Coming into contact with a Noise symbol will initiate combat. Quickly touch several Noise symbols to start a chain battle.

Scan your surroundings to pick up fragments of what the people of Shibuya have on their minds. You might stumble across some important pieces of information, so be sure to Scan often!


Rindo’s Psych: Replay

Rindo’s unique psych is Replay. It grants the ability to revisit the recent past, as long as it’s still on the same day.

It allows Rindo to correct his actions in the past and change the future, so it’s a powerful weapon to have in the Reapers’ Game.

Fret’s Psych: Remind

Fret’s unique psych, Remind, jogs people’s memories and helps them remember things they have forgotten.

Reassemble fragments of the thing they want to remember, and the completed image will bring back the memory.

Nagi’s Psych: Dive

Nagi uses a special psych, Dive, to enter into people’s minds.

Use it to fight and exterminate the Noise within and bring the afflicted folks back to their senses.

Team Battles

Up to six members of the team can take part in battle! Each teammate can equip one pin. Press the corresponding button to unleash the psych contained therein. Manage the energy levels of the pins that each member has equipped, as you enjoy the highly-strategic battles full of combos and team-attacks!

Switch your team’s psychs by changing your pin loadout. Choose from over 300 pins that let you attack the Noise, heal your team, or boost your allies’ abilities!

During battle, increasing the party’s Groove by coordinating with each other allows you to unleash a Mashup and inflict huge damage on the enemies. If your Groove reaches 100% or more, you can unleash a Mashup – a super psych with impressive range and power – to erase your foes in one fell swoop! As you progress through the game, the maximum Groove will increase to 300%, and you’ll be able to use attacks called Killer Remix that are even stronger than Mashups!

Killer Remixes can only be used at 300% Groove, but they boast unrivalled power. Annihilate your enemies with rapid button presses!

NEO: The World Ends With You is due out for Switch on July 27.

Source: Square Enix PR

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