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New DSiWare titles in Japan – details

Posted on March 23, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

Photo Stand Band Brothers Radio DX

– 500 points
– Stream music based from user created songs in Band Bros. DX
– Stations: week’s top ten, hot songs from a single artist, hello newcomer for new music tracks, a hip hop station, video game music station
– Barbara the Bat the announcer
– Can view photos while playing music

2 more clocks

– Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing themes
– 200 points each

Magic Encyclopedia: Love or Dislike Detection Tool

– Determine if someone likes you or not
– Uses microphone as a detector
– 200 points

Ganin de Keshite Wakugumi no Jikan

– Puzzle game
– Developed my Mitchell (Polarium)
– 500 points
– Slide black squares to encircle white squares (or vise versa)
– Make boxes or irregular shapes

Ganbaru Watashi no Osaifu Ouendan

– Budgeting software
– Export data to PC applications through CSV files
– Set monthly budget
– Track up to 25 months of data
– 500 points


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