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New Kirby Star Allies details cover the story, mini-games, amiibo support

Posted on February 14, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

As mentioned earlier today, the Japanese Kirby Star Allies website is now open for business. The site provides new details, including information about the story, mini-games, and amiibo support.

Kirby Star Allies begins as Planet Pop Star erupts into turmoil due to a dark power located far away in the galaxy. A
ritual ensues, and mysterious lights scatter, with the one known as the “Demon Heart” showing up in Dream Land.

A trio going by the name “Three Generals”, shows up on Pop Star after being ordered there. They appear to have a connection to the ritual that caused the Demon Heart to crash into King Dedede’s castle. However, that’s about all we know at present.

King Dedede and Meta Knight are both influenced by the Demon Heart. This is what causes Dedede’s buff appearance, for example. In fact, Dedede’s unstable state leads him on a rampage of his own castle.

The Japanese Kirby Star Allies website also provides a look at two mini-games. Players will attempt to cut down a tree as quickly as they can by swinging the Joy-Con in the first one, though you’ll need to watch out for caterpillars and spikes. The second is basically a home run contest in which you charge your bat and hit a meteorite just at the right time to send it as far as possible.

Finally, we learned a few days ago that amiibo will be supported in Kirby Star Allies. By scanning basically any amiibo, a treasure chest will show up in-game and you’ll receive items such as ones used to recover health. Using the Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, or Qbby figures will provide you with even more items.

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