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Kirby Star Allies

As we get closer to Kirby Star Allies’ big summer update, a new trailer has arrived showing off Dark Meta Knight. We’ve attached it below.

Dark Meta Knight is coming to Kirby Star Allies as a new Dream Friend on July 27.


Nintendo issued a new trailer promoting the upcoming addition of Daroach in Kirby Star Allies. Watch the video below.

Daroach will be available in Kirby Star Allies as a new Dream Friend with a free update on July 27.

Kirby Star Allies is getting its next major update on July 27. Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, and the recently-revealed Adeleine & Ribbon will all be added as new Dream Friends.

Level design director Yuki Endo has shared a few words about the inclusion of Adeleine & Ribbon. His comments touch on the characters’ long-awaited return, their abilities, and more. Endo also confirms that Kirby 64 stages will be available after completing the main story with Adeleine & Ribbon, including “a very memorable map at the end which fans may remember”. Endo adds that the update “introduces plenty of new game elements.”

A few days ago, it was announced that Adeleine & Ribbon will be the latest Dream Friend addition in Kirby Star Allies. We have a look at the character set in action below.

Adeleine & Ribbon will be added to Kirby Star Allies on July 27.


Nintendo has been teasing the new Kirby Star Allies update for several weeks now. But today, the company finally confirmed that it’s going live later this month. It’s planned for July 27 in Japan and Europe, so possibly during the evening of June 26 in North America.

Three new Dream Friends will be added with the update. Fans can look forward to Adeleine and Ribbon as well as Daroach and Dark Meta Knight.


Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have revealed the third new Dream Friend for Kirby Star Allies. Adeleine and Ribbon are being added to the game, who appear to be planned as a set.

Here’s our first look:

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory are teasing the third new Dream Friend to be added to Kirby Star Allies’ with the free Summer update with the image above.

The silhouette of this character looks exactly like Kirby, so who could this be?


Kirby Star Allies is currently selling for $49.25 on Amazon. For those interested in the deal, you can order a copy here.

A new wave of concept art is in for Kirby Star Allies. Two enemies get the focus: Driblee and Float Slime. We’ve attached the different images below.

With Float Slime, the team always knew that it would be in water. Driblee is also based around water.


Another piece of Kirby Star Allies concept art is in, this time focusing on Vividria. As you can see above, a paintbrush was featured among the early designs.


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