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New Sparklite update out now

Posted on January 22, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Another Sparklite update has gone live. New features have been added along with bug fixes, and fans can now access an Adventure Log and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

New features

Added an Adventure Log, which shows stats per run
Added Patch scroll menu
Added saving the game when changing scenes
Added winter effects in town
Added NPC names to Interact prompt
Improved art of core sequence
Rework beats to spawn more often
Added “Quick Equip” and “Quick Unequip” prompts in Patch Menu
Improved audio for Scubert fight

Bug fixed

Sounds no longer play for a frame after game over screen
Ada now unthaws after time when frozen
Widgets no longer break when returning to town after beating a boss
Rocky no longer gives incorrect hint when in Swamp or Goldenwoods
Nail Puzzle is now persisted across plays
Buried chest in Acid Bog can no longer be dug up repeatedly
Patches no longer disappear when fusing
Fix bug where one of the furnace doors could be re-entered after falling down
Fix bug where Ada could get knocked out of the stage in Baron fight
Fix memory leak with runtime Scriptable Objects
Fix bug where some users could never get the Spark Slinger Blueprint
Fix art glitch where Furnace Elevator would go down instead of up
Refill Ada’s energy when returning to town
Fix bug where Acid Worm was hittable when submerged
Spark Slinger can now damage Timbert
Did a minor balance pass on Scubert
Enable damage on Mosquitos from the hammer
Fix misspelling on Invigorboost dialog when picking it up
Disable damage to airborne Wasps and Jetpack Gremlins with hammer
Fix issue where Mosquitos would appear to hover incorrectly
Fix bug where Tutorial wouldn’t save correctly when shutting off the device

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