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New To All of Mankind details

Posted on February 12, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Earlier today, we heard that Nippon Ichi Software and Acquire are making a new survival adventure game called To All of Mankind. Further information has since leaked from the magazine, including a Japanese release date.

Here’s what we know:

– May 30 release in Japan
– 6,980 yen
– Pproducer is Nippon Ichi Software’s Gen Suganuma
– Kyouka Shintou (voiced by Mana Satou): The always energetic mood maker; likes manga and anime
– Isana Shouni (voiced by Yukino Tsubaki) – She is like a mother to the group; good at cooking
– Erina Kashi (voiced by Nanahira) – The pure gamer
– Ami Komatsu (voiced by Sana Hoshimori) – The hyperactive one; acts upon her instincts;s like an older sister to the group
– Yuyuko Oura (voiced by Mina Nakazawa) – she is a quarter French; loves books and has a variety of knowledge
– There will not be any male characters in the game
– It will only follow the lives of these five girls
– They come to Akihabara to see the sights, but wake up in their hotel in a ruined town overgrown with vegetation and without a person to be found
– Players will explore Akihabara, use tools, capture wild animals, farm, fish (in Kanda River) in order to survive


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