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Nexomon Extinction update out now, adds new features and more

Posted on September 16, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nexomon Extinction

Another big update is now live for Nexomon Extinction. The team has implemented several new features, changes, fixes, and more.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Feature: You can now nickname a monster from the Team menu.
  • Feature: You can now reorder a Nexomon’s skills from the Team menu.
  • Feature: You can now sprint by holding the B button (Switch).
  • Feature: It is now possible to sort all Storage Groups at once.
  • Feature: You can now unequip all cores from the Team menu while a Nexomon is selected.
  • Feature: New Core, “Synergy Cores” will copy a % of the EXP received by the other team members without having to fight.
  • Feature: Added a “Skill Master” character at various locations. She will let you relearn any unlocked skills for a fixed coin fee.
  • Feature: Crystals have begun growing in some remote areas. Breaking them will restore your party.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to open the menu while moving, which could have unexpected effects like having it overlap a wild battle scene.
  • Fixed several dialogues that displayed “”.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the playtime counter in the Profile menu which caused it to restart for every 24 hours. This was only visual and no playtime data should be lost.
  • Fixed the Database ordered-by-rarity view.
  • Fixed the Database ordered-by-name view.
  • Fixed an issue with Spanish LATAM during an endgame scene that could freeze the screen in Drake Isles.
  • Fixed the skill animation for “Soul Feeder”, which was causing enemies to appear either invisible or faded when swapped.
  • Fixed grasses by the desert ruins, which had no encounters.
  • Fixed various skills that were not working properly, such as Invincible, Renovate, Blue Mirror and Green Sphere.
  • Fixed various Cosmic models that were still using the regular textures, such as Reptomotor or Bomblasta.
  • Fixed an area in Haunted Woods that could not be accessed. It is now possible to explore using the Wind power.
  • Fixed a few monster description typos, such as Moonline’s and Starckal’s.
  • Increased chance of fleeing.
  • Status effects are now cleared when a Nexomon faints.
  • Added “Running Shoes” item. Having it in your inventory will guarantee fleeing from battles.
  • Added “Ultra Pickaxe” item, which can yield 1-3 shards.
  • Added “Mining Goggles” item, which lowers the shard respawn timer to 10-15 min .
  • Added “Healthy Charm” items. For each charm, the party is restored by +3% HP per battle won.
  • Added “Workout Charm” items. For each charm, the party is restored by +3% Stamina per battle won.
  • Added “Cosmic Charm” items. For each charm, the odds of finding a Cosmic Nexomon improve.
  • Adjusted apparition rates of lower level monsters.
  • Adjusted the points in the story when tier-2 and tier-3 monsters start appearing in the wild.
  • A few Synergy Cores have been added via chests early game to familiarise new players with this new item.
  • Significantly improved apparition rates of wild Tyrants, Extincts and Wardens.
  • Added 10 new avatars to pick from.
  • The rarity of a monster now appears during battle.
  • The evolution level now appears in the database info window.
  • It is now possible to cancel an evolution by pressing B and confirming.
  • The user can command a Nexomon to rest during battle with the Plus button. This restores stamina.
  • “Psy Field” skill fixed as it did not inflict Paralyze.
  • The starter can now be Cosmic.
  • Tamers that have been beaten once won’t trigger again on sight. Exception: bandits from the Frozen Tundra.
  • The southern Lateria prison guard will now face north as his line of sight seemed confusing.

Nexomon Extinction is available now on Switch.


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