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Nexomon Extinction update out now (version 1.1.2), Custom Mode added

Posted on February 7, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nexomon Extinction

VEWO Interactive is far from finished with its plans for Nexomon Extinction. With version 1.1.2, the monster catching game has added a new Custom Mode.

Players can start a new save file and adjust several settings with Custom Mode. It contains the following settings:

  • Copy a Nexomon Team from another Save File.
  • Copy a Nexomon Storage from another Save File.
  • Copy an Inventory and Wallet from another Save File. Some items won’t be copied (such as charms).
  • Randomize Starters:
    • Only unevolved Nexomon.
    • Include evolved Nexomon.
    • Include evolved Nexomon and legendaries.
  • Randomize Wild Encounters:
    • Scramble the official distribution (i.e. pools are moved around).
    • Completely random from the entire roster (no distribution at all).
  • Randomize Tamer Parties:
    • Keep the original evolution stage.
    • Use an equivalent or greater evolution stage.
    • Use any random evolution stage.
  • Mutate Tamer Parties:
    • Every time a tamer is defeated, their party is re-randomized so each encounter is different (“Randomize Tamer Parties” must be enabled).
  • Allow Story Boss Randomization:
    • Allow story-related enemies to be randomized when “Randomize Tamer Parties” is enabled.
  • Capture Restriction:
    • Only the very first Nexomon encountered in each map may be captured.
  • Randomize Overworld Items:
    • Randomize items found on the ground and in chests:
  • Randomize Ore Boulders:
    • Randomize items found in ore boulders
  • Max Level:
    • Disable level cap (actually it becomes 999).
  • Early Evolved Encounters:
    • Allow evolved stages to appear in the wild even early on.
  • Increased Difficulty:
    • Boost the overall level difficulty of all encounters, up to +90 extra levels.
  • Permanently Faint Nexomon:
    • Fainted Nexomon cannot be restored. Losing the game causes this setting to be disabled so it can be played normally.
    • Fainted Nexomon cannot be restored. Losing the game causes your save file to be permanently locked.
  • Limit Battle Items:
    • Set a limit from 0 to 5 items that may be used in a battle.
  • Disable Shopping:
    • You cannot buy or sell items.
  • Flee From Battles:
    • Disable the Flee command.
  • Boost Coins (wild and tamer encounters):
    • Up to 300%
  • Boost Experience:
    • Up to 500%
  • Starting Level:
    • Set the level of your starter. This also resets the level of any copied Nexomon from other save files. Up to lvl 90.
  • Recalculate Evolution Stages:
    • Recalculate the evolution stage of any copied Nexomon (so if you reset their levels to something low, they should be tier 1). This setting would also cause them to evolve if their new level happens to meet the threshold.
  • Randomize Skills:
    • Keep the original element.
    • Completely random.
  • Randomization Seed:
    • Affects random patterns. Changing this after the initial setup can cause duplicate skills to be learned.
  • Lock Settings:
    • Disallow the player from changing these settings after the initial setup.

We’ll be sure to let you know when Nexomon Extinction’s Custom Mode functionality goes live on Switch.


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