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Nintendo believes 3DS game graphics from third-parties “have come to a fairly high level”

Posted on November 5, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

At E3, one aspect about the 3DS that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata pointed out was the system’s improved graphics over the DS. So far, what Iwata said seems to be holding true. A number of graphically impressive titles from third-parties have been shown over the past severals months, such as Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. At Nintendo’s latest investor Q&A, Senior Managing Director and General Manager of Marketing Division Shinji Hatano reinforced the idea that other companies are making graphically impressive games. Also, along with Iwata, the two explained that the upcoming portable is receiving a great deal of interest from third-parties in general, especially when compared to the DS’ initial support.

“Nintendo has been offering support to and collaborating with a number of software publishers inside and outside Japan. First about Japan, most of the publishers are interested in Nintendo 3DS and they are proactively trying to develop Nintendo 3DS software. As for the overseas publishers, I understand that I should talk not only about U.S. publishers but also about European publishers. E3 this year was the first opportunity for us to show Nintendo 3DS to many of the publishers. At that time, the Japanese publishers tended to have a higher appreciation than their U.S. counterparts. Then, the high appreciation and expectations from the Japanese publishers started to have a positive influence upon the mindsets of non-Japanese publishers and developers, I think. Our president mentioned the issue of graphical capability today. The American and European publishers are particularly interested in improved graphics, and many of them are independently researching this new 3D approach. I have not been able to see the most recent graphics, but I believe they have come to a fairly high level by now. It is true that at the time of E3 2010, these publishers were late in getting access to the relevant information, but Nintendo 3DS offers them the exact development fields that they are very good at, and the things they can do with this hardware must be exactly what they really want to do, so accordingly, I believe that they will develop something of a fairly high level. I cannot elaborate on the exact details today, but as far as I hear, the publishers are showing aggressive attitudes in developing for Nintendo 3DS, and I am personally looking forward to the outcome.” – Shinji Hatano

” I often travel abroad, so I have many opportunities to ask people in our subsidiaries about what our overseas software publishers think about Nintendo 3DS, and I know they have much stronger interest in it than when Nintendo DS was about to be launched. To say the least, our overseas publishers are not taking a passive approach to Nintendo 3DS at all. In fact, it is safe for you to think that they have been fairly proactive in thinking about this new hardware from the start.” – Satoru Iwata

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