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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #2 – Diablo Disaster and the World of Final Fantasy returns

Posted on November 11, 2018 by in Podcast

Hello and welcome to the second episode of the Nintendo Everything Podcast! This week, Oni finds out if the World of Final Fantasy stacks up, and Eric looted Diablo 3 and is sharing the experience points. Also, more news and listener mail than you can poke a Duke controller at. You can now find us on iTunes and other podcast services! Links below.

00:08 – Stay a while and stay fresh!
02:20 – Diablo fans don’t have mobiles.
06:15 – Diablo 3 Loot Loops.
13:05 – Full Metal Fury/Rogue legacy life.
17:38 – Masters of Anima – Pikmin puzzles.
22:05 – World of Final Fantasy Maxima.
28:59 – Investor Q&A and Virtuos console.
47:20 – Zelda had one job posting.
51:49 – Chewing on the Smash DLC.
57:56 – Kirby Star Allies gets good.
1:02:59 – Final Fantasy funeral.
1:16:51 – Mail – Portable Series you’d like to see return?
1:24:32 – Mail – Japanese only favorites/like to try?
1:33:49 – What’s coming and goodbye.

Thanks for listening!

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News discussed:

  1. Furukawa: Unrealistic to expect every major game on Switch, but number of those titles will and is continuing to increase.


  1. Virtuos has high-profile releases coming for Switch soon.


  1. Nintendo puts up Zelda-related job postings.


  1. Sakurai says Smash’s DLC lineup is already complete.


  1. Kirby’s third wave of free dlc and new playable characters coming this month.



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