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Nintendo hiring Splatoon 3 level designer, includes renovating “existing” stages

Posted on February 18, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Splatoon 3

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct ended with the announcement of Splatoon 3. The game won’t be out for quite some time, as it’s currently scheduled for a 2022 release. Nintendo is also still looking to expand the development team.

Earlier today, a job listing was published for a Splatoon 3 level designer. Their responsibilities will include:

– Adjusting stages, weapons, and game modes
– Renovating “existing” stages
– Placing stage objects per-game mode
– Balancing weapon parameter data

The bit here about stages has been receiving some attention. As pointed out by OatmealDome, Splatoon announcements refer to large redesigns/modifications of stages a “renovation” as an in-universe explanation. Nintendo also didn’t clarify what it means by “existing” stages – could that be about prior levels from the series?

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