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Nintendo Labo – details about building process and more, Nintendo will offer replacement parts

Posted on January 17, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo Labo

The Guardian has shared some additional details about Nintendo Labo after going hands-on with it during a recent press event. Here’s a recap of the information the publication provides:

– Follow Lego-like instructions on the Switch screen
– Punch out the cardboard pieces and assemble them into contraptions of varying complexity
– Project in which you assemble a simple little bug-like radio-controlled car takes about 15 minutes
– Pull up the controls on the Switch’s screen, and the vibrations send it juddering across a flat surface with surprising speed
– Telescopic fishing rod with a working reel are attached to a base with elastic bands and string for realistic tension
– Each contraption is made out of cardboard and string
– Piano takes about 2 hours to build
– The infrared camera on the Joy-Con controller can see reflective strips of tape on the back of the keys, which come into view when a key is pressed, telling the game software to play the right note
– Cardboard dials and switches modify the tone and add effects to the sound
– The principles behind each construction are explained by cartoon characters
– Switch screen shows a cross-section of each model that illustrates what the Joy-Con camera can see and how it works
– Robot set translates your punches and kicks into building-levelling virtual smashes
– Nintendo plans to offer replacement cardboard kits and templates for players who break theirs
– You can stick the cardboard Toy-Cons back together with glue or tape, reinforce them, or decorate them with pens, washi tape or googly eyes, without affecting their functionality

“Our goal is to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches. Nintendo Labo invites anyone with a creative mind and a playful heart to make, play and discover in new ways with Nintendo Switch. I personally hope to see many people enjoying making kits with their family members, with big smiles on their faces.” – Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata


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