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Nintendo Switch Online FAQ – create a Nintendo Account Family Group starting May 15

Posted on May 7, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Along with today’s new information shared about Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo has posted an official FAQ for the service. Among other things, it confirms that you’ll be able to create a Nintendo Account Family Group starting May 15.

Here’s the full FAQ:

How do I purchase a membership for Nintendo Switch Online?

After the September 2018 launch, Nintendo Switch Online memberships will be available for purchase on, in Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch system, and through select retailers.

Which games require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to access online play?

Nintendo Switch games such Splatoon 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership, but other games will vary.

How can I tell if a game requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership for online play?

We will share information on this topic at a later date.

What pricing plans are available?

There are individual memberships and family memberships (for up to 8 users). Individual memberships are available in 1-, 3-, and 12-month increments, while all family memberships are for 12 months.

If I own multiple Nintendo Switch systems, will I need a separate membership for each one?

No. Nintendo Switch Online can be used on any device by signing in with the Nintendo Account that purchased the membership.

If someone buys an individual membership, can other users on the same Nintendo Switch system use that Nintendo Switch Online membership?

Individual memberships can only be used by the Nintendo Account holder who purchased the membership.

However, you can share the Nintendo Switch Online features across all the Nintendo Accounts in a family group by purchasing a family membership.

How do I create a family group?

Starting May 15, 2018, it will be possible to create a Nintendo Account Family Group via your Nintendo Account settings. Up to eight Nintendo Accounts (including child accounts) can be linked as a family group.

Can child accounts be added to a family group and use a family membership for Nintendo Switch Online?

Yes. Any Nintendo Accounts associated with the family membership can use the service features. Parents may use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls to set restrictions for online play; restrictions for the Nintendo Online Service app can be managed with your smartphone’s parental control restriction settings.

Where can I find Parental Controls in my Nintendo Account settings?

Once logged into your Nintendo Account, click on Parental Controls in the left navigation bar.

Is Nintendo Switch Online needed for online play for the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family of systems?

No, this service is only for Nintendo Switch systems.

When the paid service starts in September 2018, will membership plans be charged automatically?

No, Nintendo Account holders may purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership plan at any time after launch.

If I don’t purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership plan, will my Nintendo Switch system have any online features?

Yes. Online features including Nintendo eShop, Friend registration and management, the sharing of screenshots over social networks, Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, system and software updates, and Nintendo Switch News will not be affected by the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online paid service.

How do I set up and use Save Data Cloud backup?

More details will be released soon.


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