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Nitrome discusses its patch for Bomb Chicken, potential DLC, future games, and more

Posted on July 17, 2018 by (@matt_okeefe) in News, Switch eShop

Nitrome, the developer behind Bomb Chicken, revealed a lot of interesting information in a Reddit AMA earlier today, where they shared that they’re currently working on a patch for Bomb Chicken to fix bugs and a Unity slowdown issue.

Nitrome also answered questions about a number of other subjects, from the possibility of physical edition or DLC to their future plans on Switch. Below are the highlights:

On more Switch games…

Yes, we have some games that are incubating, but we can’t say what they are just yet.

On an upcoming patch and possible DLC…

We have a patch in the works atm to fix some nasty bugs and a rare Unity slowdown issue happening for a handfull of players (there is an easy temp workaround for this though) . Sure, we will do DLC, if the game sells well enough. It’s too early to tell on sales atm, we are hoping people put down Octopath long enough to give it a more of a chance 😉 There is no reward but there are a lot of the hardest and most creative challenges locked away for people to find as secrets.

On a possible physical version…

We’re talking to some special folks about this. Can’t say more at this stage.

You can read the AMA in full here.

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