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Bomb Chicken

Limited Run Games is now taking pre-orders for two new products. The physical version of Axiom Verge for Wii U is up here while Bomb Chicken is here.

Axiom Verge comes with a few extra goodies. Aside from the game, you’ll receive a double-sided poster, “The Art of Axiom Verge” art booklet, an exclusive “Making Of” documentary Blu-ray, and an original soundtrack on physical CD.

Limited Run Games has announced a partnership with Nitrome to produce a physical version of Bomb Chicken. Pre-orders open on March 29 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

In many cases, Limited Run Games opts to offer a collector’s edition of their releases. With Bomb Chicken though, that won’t be happening. Only a standard version of the game is planned.


Nitrome, the developer behind Bomb Chicken, revealed a lot of interesting information in a Reddit AMA earlier today, where they shared that they’re currently working on a patch for Bomb Chicken to fix bugs and a Unity slowdown issue.

Nitrome also answered questions about a number of other subjects, from the possibility of physical edition or DLC to their future plans on Switch. Below are the highlights:

Nitrome published a new trailer to celebrate the arrival of Bomb Chicken on the Switch eShop today. We’ve included the video below.

With Bomb Chicken receiving an official release date of July 12 on the Switch, we now have more footage showing off the gameplay. Take a look at the video below:

A couple of weeks ago, the European eShop listed Bomb Chicken for June 28. It turns out that initial date was incorrect, as Nitrome has announced a final release date of July 12. The eShop listing has since been updated as well.

Here’s an overview and trailer for Bomb Chicken:

One of the games highlighted during the last Nindies Showcase earlier this year was Bomb Chicken. The platformer was previously announced for a summer release, and thanks to a new listing on the European eShop, we now have a release date.

First up, here’s an overview and trailer for Bomb Chicken:

Footage is in showing off Bomb Chicken, first announced for the Switch during last week’s Nindies Showcase. Take a look at the gameplay below:

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