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One Strike coming to Switch this week

Posted on June 4, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

One Strike

One Strike is heading to Switch this week as a digital download, QubicGames has announced. The company ported the original game that was created by Retro Reactor.

Here’s some information about One Strike as well as a trailer:

Only one strike settles the duel, master the fighting style of each warrior to outsmart your opponents. Challenge your friends or the AI in easy, medium or hard mode.

6 fighters in medieval Japan:

– Kenji the honorable samurai and his katana
– Hinode the ninja striking her Sai weapons at the speed of light
– Soujirou the monk wielding his long-range Nodashi
– Hangaku the fastest girl in the East with her Kusarigama
– Bai Long the Chinese veteran and his proud Kwan dao
– Tomoe the killer with her sharp Wakizashi

4 modes:

– One Life: just like in real life, you’ve got only one
– Arcade: you get 5 lives to train with your character
– Team Duel: put together your best team of 3 warriors
– Tournament: up to 8 players (AI or real person) fight for the final victory!

The game lets you consult your achievements at any time.

One Strike will cost $4.99 / €4.99. Those who own Robonauts, Astro Bears Party or Pirates: All Aboard! can save 50%.

Source: QubicGames PR

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