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Retro Reactor

Two Strikes preview

Typically when I’m playing a fighting game, it doesn’t take much to recover from a sloppy combo or a mild beating from an opponent; there are usually plenty of chances to get my fighter back on their feet when my skills inevitably lapse. Two Strikes, on the other hand, isn’t quite so merciful. This upcoming fighting game from Retro Reactor promises exactly what it says on the tin: take damage twice, and you’re dead, often in gloriously gory fashion. I had the chance to demo the game briefly at Day of the Devs in San Francisco, and while I didn’t have enough time to get wholly acquainted with the nuances of battle, I enjoyed familiarizing myself with the tense, careful dance of Two Strikes’ vicious combat.

Two Strikes

We’ve received confirmation that Two Strikes, which has been in PC Early Access since 2021, will be made for Switch.

Two Strikes is a 2D fighting game with hand-drawn animations. Retro Reactor, the studio behind One Strike, is handling development.

One Strike

Footage is in showing off One Strike on the Switch. Take a look at the gameplay below:

One Strike

One Strike is heading to Switch this week as a digital download, QubicGames has announced. The company ported the original game that was created by Retro Reactor.

Here’s some information about One Strike as well as a trailer:

QubicGames is working with Retro Reactor to port One Strike to Switch, the company has announced.

Retro Reactor is a 2D fighting game with medieval fighters and landscapes. Matches tend to last only a few seconds, with a single hit deciding matches. You can fight against a friend or the AI.

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