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Otome-style visual novel Crimson Spires on the way to Switch

Posted on June 8, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Crimson Spires

Eastasiasoft and Woodsy Studio today announced that Crimson Spires, an otome-style visual novel, will be released on Switch. The title does not yet have a release window.

Eastasiasoft has shared the following overview for Crimson Spires:

Take the role of Sheriff Erika Wright as an investigation brings her to the small mining town of Bataille, where she is suddenly trapped by a ring of deadly, glowing towers encircling the community. Here she meets residents of a disarming variety, from extreme conspiracy theorists to wealthy vampires and a serial killer. Guide Erika’s decisions as she forms uneasy alliances and finds love through partnership. Amidst the horrors facing Bataille, romance can blossom with the few people Erika might be able to trust. Each possible relationship reveals valuable secrets about the towers and their surrounding mystery.

Blending an eerie atmosphere with romance and supernatural mystery, Crimson Spires presents its otome-style narrative with an uncommon degree of freedom. Along its multiple story paths, the experience shifts between rich 2D character art and 3D exploration, allowing you to investigate building interiors and immersing you in the town of Bataille.

Additionally, this updated version of Crimson Spires includes New Game Plus content that unlocks after completing all other story routes, interweaving previous narrative threads and bringing Erika’s tale to a climactic finish driven by player choice!

Key Features

  • Unlock multiple romance paths, each with a distinct narrative.
  • Immerse yourself in the mystery through a blend of 2D and 3D visual styles.
  • Freely navigate locales in first-person perspective.
  • Extend the experience with New Game Plus featuring added story content!
  • Hear key scenes voiced in English by a diverse and talented cast.
  • Enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack by developer and composer Jenny Gibbons.

When it’s ready to go, Crimson Spires will be distributed on Switch via the eShop.

Source: Eastasiasoft PR

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