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Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.2.22), patch notes

Posted on December 3, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Paleo Pines update 1.2.22

Support for Paleo Pines continues, and the game received a new version 1.2.22 update on Switch this week.

There are a bunch of improvements and fixes here. Worth noting, the game’s Unity version has been upgraded. Several under-the-hood enhances have been implemented to make things more stable.

Here’s the full rundown:

Paleo Pines update version 1.2.22 patch notes

– Discovered, but not mastered, recipes now appear in the cooking UI so you can easily see which ingredients they need (but not how many).
– Decor items now have icons indicating their biome in the inventory, crafting UI, etc.
– Shoveling plants and paths now returns the item to the inventory.
– Fixed newest save slots being lost if save data exceeded 5 MB for a single character.
– Upgraded Unity, which comes with various fixes and small performance improvements.
– Performance and memory optimizations, particularly when farming, placing paths, and changing pen biomes.
– Improved visuals and performance of distant willow trees.
– Fixed a slight camera judder while the player is moving.
– Fixed endgame budding day visitors sometimes playing incorrect dialog and not giving a gift.
– Fixed Kentrosaurus eating very slowly when befriending them.
– Fixed some endgame Triassea Picnic dialog not being triggered.
– Fixed Pippin’s position during the “Art For Marlo!” cutscene.
– Tops/bottoms are no longer shown as equipped when an outfit is equipped.
– Fixed a softlock caused by pausing while manually saving the game.
– Peach trees in Dapplewood now fruit during Cretumnus rather than Jurassos.
– Fixed missing fence connectors when replacing one fence type with another.
– Orani will no longer repeatedly take 100 chilis in “Let’s Get Spicy”.
– The Umber Poppin in “Taste Test” will no longer be sent to ranch storage if it doesn’t fit in the inventory, and you can no longer complete the quest without it.
– Granny’s bandage now disappears at the beginning of “Look! New Nook!” rather than after the end of “Scorching Spiceghetti”.
– Marlo will no longer gift a broom every budding day after missing him once.
– Ariacotta Garden Ponds can now be used to fill the watering can and with watering dinos.
– The hoe and shovel no longer destroy certain decor items.
– When selling items, they are now removed from the stack you selected rather than the first available stack, to avoid confusion.
– Fixed a hang when displaying Mari’s dino storage when the default dino has notes.
– Fixed some German translations in the ‘dino care’ section of the journal.
– Fixed hubs with 4 assigned helpers only showing the first helper’s name.
– Fixed the “Herd Mentality” quest asking for incorrect ingredients and allowing the player to skip the ingredients phase entirely.
– Fixed tree produce falling out of ranch bounds.
– Fixed NPCs getting stuck on garden bench collision.
– Dialog name text should now autosize for very long player names.
– Fixed missing Dilophosaurus footfall VFX/SFX when sprinting.
– Fixed some desert rocks using valley rock materials.
– Fixed Coelophysis carrot nose placement floating above snoot.
– Other minor fixes.

All players on Switch can download the new Paleo Pines version 1.2.22 update now.

Source: Official Discord

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