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Pikmin 4, more Zelda games hit Switch Online, Metroid rumors and more | Nintendo Everything Refresh Ep. 060

Posted on August 3, 2023 by in Podcast, Switch

Welcome back to Nintendo Everything Refresh! This week, join your hosts Nick and Nicolas as they discuss the recent release of Pikmin 4, and what this could mean for the future of the franchise. We’ll also chat about the rerelease of the Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons games via Switch Online, rumors related to Metroid Prime 2 Remastered, and much more!

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A quick, but important note for our weekly listeners: in this episode, we mentioned our hopes to return to weekly episodes, but since recording this episode we have learned of circumstances with our production team that will reduce the number of episodes we can produce. It’s likely that the show will take a brief hiatus of 4-5 weeks until when and if these issues are resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume the show as soon as we are able!

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Nick Serpa: @ndserpa

Nicolas Shadday: @_Dayshade

Elias Nox Lutes: @FabledFirelight

Dennis Gagliardotto: @LyonHart_

Luiz Estrella: @Luizestrella_

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