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How many Rainbow Road courses can a single Mario Kart game have?! (Not that we’re complaining!) In this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything Refresh, join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Dennis as we discuss the new tracks hitting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in Wave 3 of its Booster Course pack next week. We’ll also discuss the impending release of Switch Sports golf, new Fire Emblem Engage details, a tease from Mr. Sakurai about a potential Kid Icarus Uprising port, and much much more!

Also: we’re doing another giveaway! This week we’re giving away five copies of Front Mission 1st: Remake, the Switch-exclusive remake of the original Front Mission game! To enter, just head over to the YouTube version of this episode and leave a comment with the word “STRATEGY” in it to enter, as well as your Twitter handle. We will select winners on Sunday, Dec. 4 and announce them on the next episode of the podcast! Winners will have codes DM’ed to them via Twitter, so keep an eye out! (You can also enter a second giveaway for this game over on our Twitter page.) Thanks to Forever Entertainment for providing the codes for this giveaway!

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Sonic Frontiers review

System: Switch
Release Date: November 8, 2022
Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: SEGA

How can a game that is so messy, so bloated, and so technically inadequate be so much fun? That is the question that I’ve been wrestling with throughout my playthrough of Sonic Frontiers, SEGA’s latest attempt (of which there have been many) to try and revitalize the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and introduce the Blue Blur to both new and lapsed fans. It’s Sonic’s first true open world (or open zone) game, and with that comes a lot of interesting ideas to attempt to reinvent the structure of what a Sonic game can be. But while Frontiers can be a blast at times, it also constantly gets in its own way at almost every turn, hindered by poor visual performance, bloated mechanics and bland world design that lacks a unique identity.

The Game Awards is only a few weeks away, and Nintendo has several games nominated for awards – including some surprises! In this week’s episode, join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Luiz as they break down all of Nintendo’s nominees and the likelihood of them bringing home some recognition amidst some steep competition. They’ll also discuss the troublesome launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a new archive of every Nintendo Power magazine issue ever printed, and more!

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A surprise Indie World Showcase last week revealed a ton of creative, smaller-scale games coming to Switch over the next few months, making our wishlists even bigger! Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Luiz as they rank their favorite games from the showcase, including both exciting new titles (Pepper Grinder!) and some updates on some long-awaited releases (Sports Story!). They’ll also discuss a mysterious new partnership between Nintendo and mobile game developer DeNA, our hands-on impressions of Sonic Frontiers, and so much more!

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Sonic zoomed onto the Switch this week, and now that Sonic Frontiers is out in the hands of players, what do folks think about it? Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Dennis as they talk about the bigger (and smaller) games to pay attention to this week, the development of Bayonetta 3, DLC news for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and more!

Also… we’re doing a giveaway this week! You could win a digital code for Milk Inside a Bag of Milk Inside a Bag of Milk and Milk Outside a Bag of Milk Outside a Bag of Milk! (Yes, that’s the name of the game.) Just visit the Nintendo Everything YouTube channel and leave a comment under this episode of the podcast with the word “MILK” in it to enter. Winners will be announced on the next episode and codes will be sent out via your YouTube inbox! You can also enter over on the official Nintendo Everything Twitter Page.

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While Call of Duty has had a long history of appearing on Nintendo consoles (and even handhelds!), the Switch has yet to receive an entry in the world’s biggest franchise of first-person shooters. But could that change? Xbox’s Phil Spencer – aspiring future owner of Activision Blizzard – seems to think so! Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Luiz as they ask the question – will Switch ever get a Call of Duty game, and what could it look like? They’ll also discuss some exciting new indies coming to Switch in the next month (including a former Stadia exclusive), how it feels to FINALLY be playing Bayonetta 3 after so much time, and much more!

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope review

System: Switch
Release Date: October 20, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

Conceptually, there was really no good reason why a game as bizarre and audacious as 2017’s Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle should have worked – but it did. Not only did it somehow make a crossover between Nintendo’s most iconic cast of characters and Ubisoft’s most – er, divisive – not feel completely bonkers, but it also introduced an accessible and creative take on turn-based tactics to a console that, at that point, was light on quality options. I enjoyed Kingdom Battle so thoroughly that initially, I couldn’t fathom why a sequel would need to exist. But after spending over 30 hours exploring sprawling planets and battling every foe I’ve crossed paths with, I don’t feel like it’s an exaggeration to call Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope one of Mario’s finest outings to date.

Did you know that Super Smash Bros. almost didn’t get made? Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Dennis as they talk about a recent behind-the-scenes look at the development of the original Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64 and the OTHER game that almost got made instead. They’ll also discuss the many cloud-streaming games coming to Switch over the next few months, the latest updates on the Bayonetta 3 voice-acting drama, some classic Mario Party games hitting Switch Online, and MUCH more!

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Bayonetta 3 will be hacking and slashing its way onto the Switch in a matter of days, and fans were treated to very long, very bonkers trailer last week showing off a ton of the game. Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas and Luiz as they discuss how the game is shaping up and some of the cooler details revealed last week. They’ll also discuss Bravely Default and teases of a remaster by the original game’s producer, a unique Cuphead Collector’s Edition coming soon, and more!

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The first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie dropped recently, and gave moviegoers a first glimpse at just how Illumination Pictures plans to translate Nintendo’s iconic franchise into the world of animation. In this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything refresh, we’ll discuss our impressions of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, the vibes and premise of the trailer, and more! We’ll also highlight some of the most exciting Pokemon Scarlet/Violet details revealed last week (picnics, anyone?), the upcoming Switch ports of Persona 3 & 4, and so much more!

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