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Pokemon Duel: Update 4.0.4 live, adds new figures and balance changes

Posted on November 6, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Mobile, News

The latest patch for Pokemon Duel has gone live, which brings the game up to version 4.0.4. First of all, a bunch of new figures have been added: Incineroar (EX), Tapu Bulu (EX), Torracat (R), Ludicolo (R), Litten (UC), Lombre (UC) and Oricorio Baile Style (UC). Furthermore, a new 10-pack booster has been added which guarantees you an EX or UX when you open it.

Finally, there have been a couple of balance changes to some figures:

Mega Charizard X – Movement increased from 2 to 3

Mega Charizard Y – Movement increased from 2 to 3

Chesnaught – Hammer Arm’s power increased from 90 to 100

Torterra – Bite’s power increased from 60 to 100


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