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Pokemon GO friend and trading systems available for everyone

Posted on June 22, 2018 by in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO

Yesterday, Pokémon GO introduced friends, gifting, and trading systems for level 30 to 40 players. Now, the friend and social features will be available for all Trainer levels, and trading can be unlocked at level 10. The drop was expected, as a similar situation occurred when Raids first launched for players between levels 38 and 40.

Trading in Pokémon GO works much differently from their main series counterparts. You will have to level up your friendship with somebody to trade Legendary or other Pokémon. Additionally, you will have to be in a certain proximity to that person to engage the trade.

Most recently, Niantic introduced Alolan Pokémon to the game through wild encounters and gifted eggs, giving players an additional array of monsters to catch before the remainder of the Generation 3 Pokémon are released.

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