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Pokemon Masters EX – Dragon and Water Type egg event live now

Posted on September 9, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

A new egg event is live in Pokemon Masters EX. This event is for Dragon and Water types and just like the name says, it allows players to visit Professor Bellis and receive a Dragon or Water type egg. There is 1 Dragon Pokemon that can hatch from these eggs and 3 Water Pokemon:

  • Dragon – Dratini (Shiny possible)
  • Water – Squirtle (Shiny possible)
  • Water – Goldeen
  • Water – Staryu

As noted above, both the Dratini and Squirtle can possibly be hatched as Shiny Pokemon, and a limited time incubator has been added to Bellis’s lab during this event.

There will also be lineup bonuses that increase the chance that an egg will be received when completing event battles. These lineup bonuses are for using the following sync pairs in battle: 

  • Player Character Sync Pairs
    Egg reward rate: ×1.4!
  • Dragon-type and Water-type Player Character sync pairs
    Egg reward rate: ×1.8!
  • Dragon-type and Water-type sync pairs
    Egg reward rate: ×1.2!

This lineup bonus is ×1 by default, but it will vary in accordance to these different sync pairs that are included on teams.

This egg event will last until September 22, 2021 at 10:59pm PT. So, make sure to hatch as many eggs as possible during the event runtime to get the best chance at shiny Pokemon!

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