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Nintendo have announced a new event coming to Mario Kart Tour in the form a new Anniversary Tour, celebrating 4 years since the game’s initial release. This is also set to be the last piece of new content coming to Mario Kart Tour, as the game will no longer be receiving new content from October 4 onwards.

In the meantime, you can check out a couple of trailers showcasing the new content coming to the Anniversary Tour, as well as the last wave of Mii Racing Suits coming to the game, both of which will drop September 19.

Mario Kart Tour Night Tour

Mario Kart Tour continues to roll on, and has now revealed its Night Tour which will feature N64 Mario Raceway, GBA Luigi Circuit, and GCN Waluigi Stadium. Look for it to go live on June 28, 2023 following the previous event, the Mario vs. Luigi Tour.

Tying in with the upcoming event, a trailer has been released for the Night Tour in Mario Kart Tour. Give it a look below.

Three new courses will be arriving soon in Mario Kart Tour. Additionally, new racers and costumes are also on the way. Mario Raceway, GBA Luigi Circuit, and GCN Waluigi Stadium will all be available as part of the event. The fun begins on June 14, 2023. Here’s a trailer for the Mario Vs. Luigi Tour in Mario Kart Tour:

With the Bowser Tour soon to end, Nintendo has announced the next event coming to Mario Kart Tour. Said event will be a new Mii Tour and will feature the addition of new driver and kart elements, as well as the new GCN Mushroom Bridge course. This new Tour will go live on May 16, at 11 PM PST.

Check out more information on the upcoming Mii Tour in the trailer below.

Nintendo has announced that the next event coming to Mario Kart Tour will be a 2023 version of a Bowser Tour. This Tour will feature the addition of new driver and kart elements, as well as the new SNES Bowser Castle 3 course.

You can learn more about the upcoming Bowser Tour in the trailer below.

Nintendo DeNA joint venture

Original (11/8): Nintendo and DeNA are teaming up on a joint venture company titled Nintendo Systems, it’s been announced. This is expected to go into effect on April 3, 2023.

The two sides have been collaborating since 2015. DeNA had been working with Nintendo on some of its earliest mobile efforts, and also provided support when it comes to Nintendo Accounts.

With the new joint venture company, it was mentioned that the goal is “to strengthen the digitalization of Nintendo’s business” and it “will research and develop, as well as create value-added services to further reinforce Nintendo’s relationship with consumers.”

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Nintendo has announced the next event coming to Mario Kart Tour, a new Yoshi Tour which will go live on April 4. This event is set to add a hefty amount of new content to the game, including two new courses in the form of Yoshi’s Island and GBA Yoshi Desert, as well as Poochy as a new playable driver.

Here is a trailer showcasing the upcoming Yoshi Tour:

With the Mario Tour wrapping up, Nintendo has announced Mario Kart Tour’s next event, a Ninja Tour. This tour is set to go live on March 21st, featuring an array of new driver and kart elements as well as the introduction of the Wii Dry Dry Ruins course.

Here is a trailer for the upcoming Ninja Tour:

A new update has landed for Pokemon Masters EX, bringing the game to version 2.30.0.

The main focus of the update is the Trainer Lodge feature, with the new addition being the ability to redecorate the Trainer Lodge with new interior styles, artwork, plushies, and more. Other small changes have been made, such as increasing the number of available preset teams to 100, increasing the Player Rank cap, or fixing several minor bugs.

You can check out the full patch notes for this update below:

Hot on the heels of the Exploration Tour wrapping up, a new Doctor Tour has just been announced for Mario Kart Tour. This event will feature the usual new driver and kart elements, and will also feature DS Shroom Ridge as a new track for the game.

Here is a video showcasing the upcoming Doctor Tour and its associated content:

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