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Pokemon Masters EX has received an update adding some accessibility options, scout points tweaks, and even a new sync pair obtainable with vouchers. All of this and more is included in the official patch notes below.

The Bugsy & Scyther Sync Pair-Up event has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This event lets players team up with Bugsy & Scyther and use the “Exchange Items” menu to gain rewards that can upgrade their move level.

This event will be live until August 4, 2021 at 10:59pm PT. 

Beachside Rivalry is now live in Pokemon Masters EX, bringing the summer-ready Marine and Gloria to the game. Players can earn ice pops and juice by completing battles and these items can be exchanged for valuable rewards in the Exchange Items menu.

Running alongside this story event is a Seasonal Scout for the sync pair of Gloria & Inteleon. They will be able to be scouted in this event, as well as being able to expand to six star EX. 

Both of these events will be live until June 30, 2021 at 10:59pm PT. 

Gloria and Marnie will soon be appearing in Pokemon Masters EX with summer outfits.

Gloria is first up with Inteleon starting on July 14 / July 15. Players can then look forward to Marnie with Grimmsnarl on July 16 / July 17.

Here’s a trailer for the event:

The Rock-Type Gear event has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This event is exclusive to co-op battles and allows players to get Rock-Type gear from event battle rewards. Equipping teams with this gear will make sync pairs stronger, and the following three star gear has been added:

  • Rock Banadana
  • Rock Bracelet
  • Rock Pin

This event will be live until July 14, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.



A new update is now available for Pokemon Masters EX, making new changes to the Main Story and preparing for an upcoming event. Here are the patch notes:

The Masked Royal Spotlight Scout is live now in Pokemon Masters EX, making it possible to scout the five star sync pair The Masked Royal & Incineroar. This spotlight will be live until June 30, 2021 at 10:59pm PT. 

Also, new area info has been added to the Town Square Street Fair. This newly added info includes:

  • Terrify with Dark-Type Moves! Part 1
  • Terrify with Dark-Type Moves! Part 2
  • Daily Extreme Battle 4
  • Battle Challenge! Round 1
  • Battle Challenge! Round 2

A special solo event is live now in Pokemon Masters EX. This event, the Town Square Street Fair, has missions and special areas (which will come at a later date) that can be completed to unlock special stories for Lana & Araquanid, Kiawe & Marowak, Hala & Crabominable, and The Masked Royal & Incineroar.

The schedule for the area availability is listed below (all times are listed in PT):

The first Battle Point Challenge Region Rotation event is live now, and this first one is for the Kanto region. In this event, players receive strength bonuses for sync pairs that are included in the Region Theme. Completing challenges will earn Battle Points which can be used to unlock great rewards in the Battle Point Tier Rewards screen.

Each region has 3 difficulty levels, but only one challenge can be completed a day. The Kanto region will be live in this event until tomorrow and then the event will cycle through these regions in this order: Kanto > Johto > Hoenn > Sinnoh > Unova > Kalos > Alola > Galar.

The whole event will last until June 14, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.

The Extreme Battle Event: Ancient Brawl has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This event allows players to go against powerful foes (such as Groudon and Kyogre) to obtain special gear. Team Magma pins and Team Aqua pins are among the rewards up for grabs, and these can be pushed to their level caps if all are obtained in the event.

This event will run until June 20, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.