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Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX has dropped some new content in the form of a Spotlight Scout and a special event. The special event is called Blasting Off Again, and it ties in with Pokemon the Movie Coco, featuring James and Weezing at the forefront. James is trying to steal Pokemon again at a firework festival and he must be stopped. The Blasting Off Again event will run until Janurary 24, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.

There is also a new Spolight Scout live in the game, this one with Lillie and Clefairy. They will have a higher chance of being scouted while included in this event and they will be featured until September 30, 10:59pm PT.

Finally, iOS 14 users were having issues accessing a stable build of Pokemon Masters EX, but this is under investigation by the developers. There should have a stable build up and running soon and they are monitoring the issue closely.


A new story event has been announced for Pokemon Masters EX. Blasting Off Again will replace the event Double Trouble, and add a new Sync Pair featuring James and Wheezing.

Players of Pokemon Masters EX can now face off against Legendary Pokemon of the lake, Azelf. Players can earn medals and rewards for taking on and completing the fight with various tiers available for extra challenge. Players can take on the task for two weeks, with the event ending September 30th 2020.

Additionally, a new Spotlight Scout focused on Guzma & Golisopod and Burgh & Leavanny is also available. If you are hoping to catch a bug-type sync pair, this may be the time for you. Will you be participating in the new events or chasing after a sync pair from the Spotlight Scout?

Another new Spotlight Scout is now live in Pokémon Masters EX. This Spotlight Scout focuses on the Sync Pairs of Sabrina & Alakazam and Caitlin & Reuniclus. This will last until September 30th at 05:59 UTC. You can chase after these Psychic-themed duos for the rest of the month — will you be trying to add them to your Sync Pairs?


Pokemon Masters EX has recently announced that a Legendary Arena event featuring Azelf is coming soon. The event is slated to start on September 16.

Additionally, as part of the Family Ties event, a new Sync Pair scout featuring duo Gladion and Silvally is available now until October 1.  This Scout will award a Tech Move Candy for the first 11-Scout bundle.


Pokemon Masters is hosting a new story event, Family Ties, until October 1st. This event includes the new Sync Pair, 5-star Lusamine and Pheromosa, available in Spotlight Scouts and Presents.

Additionally, a new set of Special Missions will also be available until October 1st, as well as a set of log-in bonuses.

New story content details have been revealed for Pokemon Masters EX. The new story content, titled Family Ties, was announced a few weeks ago and starts on September 9. New details have been revealed, and it will feature Sync Pairs of Lillie, Gladeon, and Lusamine. Not a lot of information has been given yet, but we’ll likely see more details as the event itself rolls around.

Pokemon Masters has received a new update (version 2.0.5) which seems to bring minor bug fixes and a small amount of content in-game. The official patch notes do not get more specific than that, but there should be more information provided in-game about any new content.

The patch notes are included below.

A trailer has dropped for the upcoming expansion for Pokemon Masters, Pokemon Masters EX. This roughly 45 second video is a cinematic introduction to the new expanded world of the Pokemon Masters’ universe. 

Check out the full trailer below.

Pokemon Masters EX is set to go live on August 27, 2020 at 11:00pm PT.