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Pokemon Masters EX

The Dragon that Rules the Sky has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX- giving players the opportunity to battle alongside Zinnia & Rayquaza. Completing event missions will give rewards to power up Zinnia & Rayquaza’s move level to the max. This event will be live until May 17, 2021.

Also live now is the May and Brendan Spotlight Scout, which features the five star versions of the sync pairs May & Mudkip and Brendan & Treeko. These pairs will be available to scout until April 21, 2021. 

Finally, a new story chapter has been added (Chapter 28) and this is a permanent addition to the game. 

The Pasio Eggsplorers event has dropped in Pokemon Masters EX, giving players the option to egg hunt with May and Burgh. There will be a Daily Egg hunt challenge that can be completed to earn a different Pokemon egg every day of the event. These are the different Pokemon eggs that can be obtained:

A special event is live now in Pokemon Masters EX, and it’s only running for 24 hours. This event is the Happy Team Break Day and it has to do with mysterious mischief makers showing up in various Poke Centers. Investigate these newcomers and battle their sync pairs that have abilities that are unobtainable in the main game.

Make sure to do this quickly, as the event ends on April 1, 2021 at 10:00pm PT. 

An egg event for Fairy and Normal type Pokemon is live now in Pokemon Masters EX. During this event, players can receive eggs from Professor Bellis that hatch into either Fairy or Normal type Pokemon. The Pokemon that may show up in these eggs are:

  • Cleffa (Shiny possible)
  • Igglybuff (Shiny possible)
  • Porygon (Shiny possible)
  • Meowth (No Shiny possible)

A limited time incubator will be added to Bellis’s Lab during this event, and this event will be live until April 7, 2021. 

Shining Heart of Dragons is live in Pokemon Masters EX, and it brings Iris, Lance, and Diantha to the story mode. Prize Coins can be earned by completing this event and used to pull exclusive rewards (items for training, new area info, etc.) from the Prize Box. 

Also live now is the Poke Fair Scout for the sync pair Iris & Hydreigon. Five star versions of this sync pair will have a 10% of appearing, and they can now be upgraded to six star EX versions. 

Both of these events will run until April 1, 2021 at 10:59pm PT and a trailer for them has been included below.

From now until April 8th, the New World Dilemma event will be available again. In this event, Cyrus comes to the Pasio Region in search of his New World, allowing players to earn the Sync Pair of Cyrus & Palkia. With some work, this pair can be trained to Lv. 130. Palkia’s board will also see a bit of expansion to coincide with the event reissue.

Additionally, a Spotlight Scout is now live that allows players to chase after the Sync Pair of Lissia & Altaria with a higher drop rate. Players can look forward to new Sync Pairs soon, with announcements for new pairs said to come for the end of March and start of April. Have you been enjoying your time with Pokemon Masters EX? Let us know in the comments below.

The Yell and Dream Solo event has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This event will allow players who complete the mission to unlock a special Galar sync pair story. 

Also live now is the Gloria Poke Fair Scout. This Scout is for a five star version of Gloria & Zacian, and they have a 10% chance of being scouted. Both of these events will be live until March 17, 2021. 

The Master Fair Scout for the sync pair of Leon & Charizard is live now. This will give a 12% chance to scout a five star version of Leon’s sync pair, and it will have a Master Passive Skill in addition to its regular Passive skill.

Alongside this is a Poke Fair Scout for the sync pair of Marnie & Morpeko. This sync pair will have a 10% of being scouted and can now be elevated to six star EX. 

Finally, a story event (entitled Champion Time) has began with a focus on Leon & Charizard. Players can progress through an event map to earn custom power-ups for Leon & Charizard as well as Marnie & Morpeko. All of these events will run until March 17, 2021 at 9:59pm PT. 

It’s been announced that Leon and Charizard are being added to Pokemon Masters EX in the sync pair scout later this week. The duo will be going live on February 25 at 10 PM PT / February 26 at 1 AM ET.

Here’s a trailer:

The Spotlight Scout for the sync pair of Piers and Obstagoon has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This Scout will make Piers available until its end on March 10, 2021. 

Also live now is a new battle area, the Legendary Arena: Cresselia. This arena allows players to form multiple teams and take on challenges using a set number of sync pairs. Exclusive medals can be obtained as rewards. This event lasts until March 3, 2021. 

Finally, there has been a new story chapter added in the main story. This is Interlude 7 which is unlocked after completing Chapter 27 of the story. This has been added alongside a new egg update that allows more Pokemon to appear in them.