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Pokemon Masters EX

A new set of events has just gone live in Pokemon Masters EX, focusing on a new Sync Pair variation of Rosa. These are a new Costume event, Super Tour Guide Rosa, along with a Costume Scout to obtain the aforementioned Sync Pair.

For the Costume Event, you’ll team up with another Sync Pair, Sightseer Naomi & Sandslash, and will be able to obtain them by completing the event. As is typical of these events, you’ll be able to complete specific event missions, earn Event medals, obtain bonus items, in this case Event Vouchers Z. A daily log-in bonus has also gone live alongside the event, letting players obtain up to 80 Skip Tickets and 1000 Gems.

Following the release of a new Cynthia Sync Pair a few days ago, the third and final three-year anniversary celebration Sync Pair has just arrived in Pokemon Masters EX. This is Sygna Suit Red (Thunderbolt) & Pikachu, and just like the others he’s available through his own exclusive Master Fair Scout.

As it is a Master Fair Scout, you’ll have a 12% chance of obtaining this new Sygna Suit variation of Red. The 5★ Sync Pair will possess a Master Passive Skill, access to a Buddy Move, and as usual an expanded Sync Grid with the ability to be raised to 6★ EX. This Master Fair Scout will run the same amount of time as Cynthia’s, meaning it’ll end on October 2 at 10:59 PM PT.

Continuing Pokemon Masters EX’s Three-Year Anniversary Celebration that started a few days ago, new events based around Sinnoh Champion Cynthia have been added to the game. These consist of a new story event, Threads of Strength, and a new Sygna Suit variation of Cynthia that will be joining the new Sync Pairs for Ash and Red.

Check below are for details on both of these new events.

In celebration of the upcoming third anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX, Ash and Pikachu will be made available as a sync pair in the game, The Pokemon Company have announced. The event will start from 15:00 JST on August 28 and run until 14:59 on October 17 JST.

Following the introduction of the Hoenn Main Story Villain Arc a couple of weeks ago, a new set of content has just released concluding it, along with a couple of associated events. Beyond the new content for the main story, a Poke Fair Scout for the new Sync Pair Sygna Suit Steven & Deoxys and a Team Aqua Villain Event have also become available.

Look below for more information on these events.

Pokemon Masters EX has just received its regular monthly update, bringing the game to version 2.23.0. This update is mainly focused on improving the UI, adjusting the appearance of various menus and making them easier to navigate.

You can check out the full patch notes for the update below:

Pokemon Masters EX has just received some new content revolving around fan-favorite character N. Specifically, this content involves a new Summer festival-themed story event, Summer Nights & Wishing Stars, as well as a Seasonal Scout for new Sync Pair 5★ N (Summer 2022) & Zoroark. You can check out more information on these events below.

The regular monthly update has just gone live for Pokemon Masters EX bringing the game to version 2.22.0. This is a fairly minor update, preparing the game for further content as usual, but also adding songs to the Jukebox and fixing a few minor bugs and issues.

You can check out the full patch notes for the update below:

A handful of new events focusing on the rivals and main characters of the Pokemon franchise have just made their way to Pokemon Masters EX. These consist of a Rival Challenge event that lets you battle 9 rivals from across the series’ history, as well as a Main Character Poke Fair and Special Scout, letting you recruit some of the franchise’s iconic heroes like Red, Lucas and Gloria.

Pokemon Masters EX has just been updated with a couple of Bede-centric events. The first of these is a new story event in which several rivals from various Pokemon games, including Bede, gather to compete in a tournament. The second of these is a Poke Fair Scout featuring 5★ Sync Pair Bede & Hatterene, which is also accompanied by a discount on gem purchases.

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