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Pokemon Masters EX

A new update has landed for Pokemon Masters EX, bringing the game to version 2.30.0.

The main focus of the update is the Trainer Lodge feature, with the new addition being the ability to redecorate the Trainer Lodge with new interior styles, artwork, plushies, and more. Other small changes have been made, such as increasing the number of available preset teams to 100, increasing the Player Rank cap, or fixing several minor bugs.

You can check out the full patch notes for this update below:

Pokemon Masters EX has just made available the next set of events related to the game’s ongoing villain-based story arc. These new additions include a new chapter added to the main story’s Villain Arc, a new Villain Event and a couple of new Scout Events, including one featuring a new Diantha Sync Pair.

Here is a new trailer showcasing some of these new events as well as some additional details on them.

A new update has just gone live for Pokemon Masters EX, bringing the game to version 2.28.0. This is one of the title’s regular monthly updates, and this one in particular seems to be adding in quite a few new elements.

The main new feature present in the update is the ability to customize your main character’s appearance, specifically by changing their hair color, hairstyle and hat. Other improvements include the ability to view the teams and replays of other trainers who’ve cleared certain areas, a rework of the Legendary Gauntlet, a change to the damage display, and several smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

Check below for the full patch notes for the update.

Pokemon Masters EX has received a handful of new Winter-themed events to celebrate the holidays. These include a brand-new story event, a new Seasonal Scout and Sync Pair for Jasmine, and some limited-time Expedition Areas and Locations being made available.

For more information, check out the trailer showcasing these events below.

Pokemon Masters EX has received its regular monthly update, bringing the game to version 2.27.0. On top of the usual bug fixes and minor adjustments, the game is receiving a few quality of life changes, such as the addition of a Restart Battle feature and the ability to have two Sync Pairs with Trainers sharing a name on your team at once.

Here are the full patch notes for the update:

Some new events have gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. Continuing the theme of Unova-related events, a new story event centered around N, Hilda, and Hilbert and a Hugh Spotlight Scout have both been made available, as well as the Sinnoh variation of the Champion Stadium and a new Training Area Rally.

Here are the details on these events:

Pokemon Masters EX has just experienced a hefty drop of content, including a new Chapter in the Main Story Villain Arc, a new Villain Event, and two new Scout events. These additions are all based on the Unova region, with a particular emphasis on the region’s first protagonists, Hilda and Hilbert, as well as its main villain, Ghetsis.

Here is a trailer showcasing some of this new content:

A new version 2.26.0 update has just dropped for Pokemon Masters EX. While most of the changes brought by the update are smaller adjustments, there have been overhauls made to Special Bundles, Gem purchasing limits and the Trainer Lodge.

Here are the full patch notes for Pokemon Masters EX’s version 2.26.0 update.

Pokemon Masters EX has started hosting a handful of new events in celebration of the Fall season. Chief among these are a new story event centered around Iris and Allister, as well as new Seasonal Scouts for both of the characters.

Check below for more details on these two events.

Pokemon Masters EX has added a final set of events revolving around its new Galar-based trainers. On top of the Solo event Severely Strained Relations being updated with new content, the highlight here is a new Poke Fair Scout for Pokemon Sword and Shield protagonist Victor.

5★ Sync Pairs will have a 10% chance of appearing in the Scout event, including new 5★ fair-exclusive Sync Pair Victor & Rillaboom. As usual, the Sync Pair will release with their Sync Grid expanded and the ability to be raised to 6★ EX. Additionally, to celebrate protagonists from all 8 main regions now being available in Pokemon Masters EX, a special Mission Bingo will be made available. Just like the other recent Galar events, the Victor Poke Fair Scout will be available until October 23, 10:59 PM PT.

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