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Pokemon Masters EX – Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout live now and Cobalion back in Legendary Arena

Posted on September 10, 2021 by (@brodee922) in Mobile

A Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout is live now in Pokemon Masters EX, bringing 6 seasonal sync pairs back. These sync pairs can all be scouted in this event, and the full list of those included are listed below:

  • Five Star Erika (Holiday 2020) & Comfey
  • Five Star Dawn (Palentine’s 2021) & Alcremie
  • Five Star Hilbert (Fall 2020) & Mightyena
  • Five Star Lance (New Year’s 2021) & Gyarados
  • Five Star Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff
  • Five Star Siebold (Holiday 2019) & Octillery

This Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout will last until September 16, 2021 at 10:59pm PT and more details on the unique attributes of the sync pairs include can be found at the bottom of this post. 
Cobalion has also made a return in the Legendary Arena and there are new event missions included with its return. Higher difficulty missions will reward players with more Gems.

Cobalion will be in the Legendary Arena until September 23, 2021 at 10:59pm PT.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________More details on Sync Pairs in the Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout:

  • About Erika (Holiday 2020) & Comfey
    • In her floral winter outfit, Erika helps allies with her endurance and ability to restore HP!
  • About Dawn (Palentine’s 2021) & Alcremie
    • Dressed for making sweets, Dawn gains the upper hand by lowering the stats of her opponents!
  •  About Hilbert (Fall 2020) & Mightyena
    • Dressed for the Midnight Parade, Hilbert is part of a strike sync pair that uses powerful Dark-type attacks!
  •  About Lance (New Year’s 2021) & Gyarados
    • In his stylish New Year’s outfit, Lance packs a physical and special damage punch!
  •  About Lyra (Summer 2020) & Jigglypuff
    • Lyra is back in her summer outfit! Her sync move can put opponents to sleep!
  • About Siebold (Holiday 2019) & Octillery
    • Dressed for warm hospitality, Siebold keeps Octazooka on reserve to bring down his opponents’ accuracy!

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