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Pokémon Shuffle update: Ash-Greninja, Mega-Blaziken, Keldeo, and Infernape

Posted on April 19, 2016 by in 3DS, Mobile, News

This week’s Pokémon Shuffle update brings a new challenge, the Ash-Greninja stage, and three repeats. Ash-Greninja is based on the unique form Ash’s Grenjinja takes in the anime, and it’s a minute-long High Speed Challenge that will run until May 3rd.

Meanwhile, the Mega-Blaziken challenge has returned, giving players another chance to earn some Blazikenite. If you’re in the top 22,000 in the US, 15,000 in Europe or 60,000 in Japan, you’ll receive the coveted Blazikenite, or (if you already earned it from the last round) you’ll win a Mega Speedup. The top 3,500 in the US, 2,500 in Europe and 10,000 in Japan will also get a Raise Max Level. The top 30,000 in the US, 20,000 in Europe, and 80,000 in Japan will get an Attack Power, and all other players will get a Disruption Delay. The Mega-Blaziken challenge runs until April 26th.

Finally, both Keldeo and Infernape are returning, and will run until May 3rd.


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