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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield estimated to have around 1,000 people involved

Posted on October 1, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are massive endeavours. There are tons of people involved, ranging from those at Game Freak to staffers working on the project from outsourcing, and even folks from marketing.

Just how big of a production in Pokemon Sword/Shield? Director Shigeru Ohmori estimates that there are around 1,000 people involved in total.

Game Informer shares the following in its latest issue:

“The studio grew in size, nearly doubling the core team since the development of Sun and Moon. With 180 to 200 core members, hundreds of outsourced and external partners, and a large marketing department, the full team size is massive. When you factor in the localization teams across the nine languages the game is launching in, Ohmori estimates that around 1,000 names will appear in the credits of Pokemon Sword and Shield.”

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