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Pokemon Shield

A new Max Raid Battle has kicked off in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, which puts the focus on Shellder.

This is a pretty straightforward event without any gimmicks. Shellder will simply be showing up more often while it’s active. Also, if players are lucky enough, they may encounter a shiny version of the Pokemon.

In celebration of the Pokemon 2022 European International Championships, fans can get their hands on a special code for Dracovish.

Back in 2020, Marco Silva won the Oceania International Championships. Dracovish was on his team to help secure that victory, and this is the same creature that’s now a part of today’s distribution.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have kicked off a new Max Raid Battle event with Fossil Pokemon.

Carracosta, Archeops, Tyrantrum, and Aurorus are included here. Players will also have an opportunity to catch a Shiny version of Aurorus.

To celebrate the upcoming Pokemon Day 2022, Pokemon Sword and Shield have announced a new Max Raid Battle event featuring Gigantamax versions of all three Kanto starter Pokemon.

This means you’ll be able to encounter and obtain Gigantamax forms of Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise. Defeating them will also yield Max Mushrooms as an additional reward.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now hosting a new Max Raid Battle event focused around Milcery.

During the event, players will be able to encounter Milcery in Max Raid Battles that can evolve into Alcremie capable of Gigantamaxing. Those that defeat them may receive any of the seven types of sweets, including the rare Star Sweet and Ribbon Sweet.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now the franchise’s second best-selling entry ever, the latest sales figures from Nintendo confirm.

In May 2020, it ranked fourth. In August of that year, it had already moved up another slot to be in the third position.

Over on its recruitment website, Game Freak posted an interesting article about the creation of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Director Shigeru Omori and planning director Kazumasa Iwao provided some insight into how the Switch games came to be.

We’ve now translated the full piece. If you’re interested in learning more about Pokemon Sword/Shield’s development, continue on below. 

To celebrate the new year, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have announced a new Max Raid Battle event with Shiny Magikarp and more.

Magikarp will be appearing more often during the Max Raid Battle. That’s not the only Pokemon here though, as Meowth, Sudowoodo, and Darmanitan will be showing up at a higher frequency as well. Those that are lucky enough will be able to encounter a Shiny Magikarp.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are hosting a new Max Raid Battle event featuring Delibird and more.

On the topic of Delibird, the creature will be appearing more often. And if you’re lucky enough, you may encounter a Shiny Delibird. Starmie and Cryogonal are also showing up more regularly in Max Raid Battles while the event is live.

New data from the UK has ranked all of the mainline Pokemon games going back to the Game Boy based on how big their launches were in terms of sales.

It’s actually Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, a pair of 3DS titles, that topped the list. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are right behind at #2. We just saw the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl on Switch, which come in at #5.

Here’s a look at the full list:

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